Ambitious roof glazing installation

21 February 2020


Continuing the success with our building contractor partnership

Building long-term successful relationships with architects, builders, interior designers, and suppliers allows us to add our expertise and years of experience on projects. We pride ourselves on solving the ‘pain points’ or problems that other glazing companies like to avoid.

Following a successful roof light installation last year, the Berkshire based building contractor got in touch to discuss how we could add our knowledge and expertise on their latest project in South East England.

Choosing Opening Roof Lights

Whilst roof glazing is growing in popularity, the Pure Glass Opening Flat Roof Light tends to be a more niche request. However, for this impressive project, it was the perfect solution. 

Choosing an opening roof light maximises the natural light into the spaces below, whilst also providing you with flexible ventilation and temperature control options. The sleek design of the Pure Glass Opening Roof Light appears frameless from the inside and for a contemporary feel, we can achieve a flush finish for the glazing.

pure glass opening roof lights installed on a pithed roof

Combining bespoke glazing with zoned automation

15 opening roof lights were designed and fitted across the pitched roof of this property, bringing light and a feeling of increased ceiling height to each and every room.

With roof glazing across the whole property, it was important to ensure the remote-control functionality was simple to use. Working with our trusted building contractor, the roof lights were successfully designed to allow for one remote control to operate multiple roof lights across the zones.

Is an opening roof light the solution for you?

The Pure Glass Opening Roof Light is available with electric or manual opening functionality, offering you the ability to add versatile access, temperature control and ventilation throughout your home. All of our opening roof lights are made in the UK using the highest-grade materials and feature solar-control, self-cleaning double glazing as standard, for optimum performance and low maintenance.

two out of 15 pure glass opening flat roof lights installed on pitched roof.

Specialist glazing is what we do

Having worked with the building contractor on prior projects, we were involved in the early stages of this project which allows us to share our expertise and ensure that the addition of the architectural glazing is a smooth and successful part of the overall project.

Working with us for your architectural glazing means just one reliable and professional team throughout your project, simplifying your planning, reducing your workload – and adding the wow factor.

If you have a project in mind, contact us today and see for yourself why working with Exact could be the perfect solution for you.

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