Configuring bifold doors

27 July 2021

3 door bifold configuration from Exact Architectural Glazing

Configuring bifold doors

Are you researching bifold doors for your next project and wondering how they can be configured to achieve the best access and flow? You’re not alone!

Bifold doors are a very versatile door system that allows a complete wall of glass to be opened to provide unobstructed views and access between indoor and outdoor living areas.

Here are some of the questions we’re asked most often about bifold doors:

Q: Can you open just one door of a bifold door system?

A: Yes. How you open the doors is determined by the number of panels and opening configuration. With an odd number of panels, generally, 3 or 5, a traffic door or lead door is included, which operates as a standard swing door and provides quick access for when you don’t want or need to open the full stack.

Q: Can I have bifold doors if the width of my opening only allows for two panes?

A: Yes. A two-panel bifold will be configured to open to the left or the right and, based on the space available can open inwards or outwards. A two-panel bifold doesn’t feature a traffic door. You could also consider choosing the bifold profile configured as a French door to achieve a slim profile.

Q: How can I achieve a traffic door with an even number of bifold panes?

A: We recommend a split-stack or bi-parting configuration to achieve a traffic door for an even number of panels, e.g 4 or 6. With this configuration ‘Type 24’ (shown below), the 2nd panel opens individually to be used as a traffic door.

bifold door configurations from Exact Architectural Glazing 

Q: Can all the panels stack to one side with an even number, e.g 4?

A: The golden rule is that an odd number of panels allows you to stack all panes to one side and have a traffic door. Whereas an even number of panels configured to stack on one side doesn’t allow for a traffic door. Our recent projects in Twickenham and South Downs National Park perfectly demonstrate how well a split stack bifold works with an even number of panels.

Q: What configurations are feasible with bifold doors?

A: The configuration is based on the chosen bifold system, the width of the opening and the space available. For more information about configurations, click here and refer to the section on versatile configuration options.

Q: Which bifold door system is right for your project?

A: We would love to work on your project with you and specify the right bifold door system. We find the best way to work is to arrange an Initial Project Consultation so that we can discuss your project and the specific needs.

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