A timeless versatile design

With the rise of popularity of bifold doors, it would be easy not to consider the timeless and versatile design of French Doors when researching your glazing project. French doors are no longer limited to a small range of design and finishes, in fact, aluminium French doors provide you with a variety of ways to divide your space, create access and add character.

Featuring French doors within your home will add a focal point and help to frame your view to the outside. Available in a range of standard and bespoke colours, your French doors can be designed to blend seamlessly into your design scheme or make a statement with a bold contrasting colour.

The finishing touch

Revolutionary in its design the Exact Pure Glass Frameless Balustrade is a contemporary alternative to the traditional Juliet balcony. With clean minimalist sightlines, its ‘barely there’ design surpasses current BS6180 regulations to give you peace of mind. 


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