Three extensions and a top-to-toe renovation in Haslemere

Haslemere, Surrey

31 December 2027

pure glass glazed gable by Exact

Having worked with Ian at Farminer Developments on multiple projects, we were delighted to be recommended for this top-to-toe family home renovation in Haslemere, which included 3 extensions!

The importance of an initial project consultation

We aim to start each project with an initial project consultation however, no two projects are the same, so we fit our end-to-end project management approach to fit each client. During the discussion for this project, it became clear that the client had been unaware of what could be achieved with the right architectural glazing. By taking the time to fully understand the client’s vision, we were able to design and specify the exact glazing they wanted – which they didn’t realise was possible. That is always a real wow moment for us! From single pane glazed gables to a contemporary entrance door and ultra-slim sliding doors, it was everything they wanted.

Whilst we know talking about budgets can be a delicate area, with a full understanding of the scope of the project and funds available, our specialist team have all the information to be able to specify the best possible architectural glazing package.

pure glass gable installation in Haslemere by Exact

The complete glazing package

As well as being able to achieve the glazing of their dreams, by working with Exact, the complete glazing package was managed by our team, from beginning to end. That’s one expert team and point of contact for ordering, survey, logistics, payment, installation and aftercare – ensuring a smooth process throughout.

The complete glazing package for this Haslemere home includes:

Working with one specialist architectural glazing supplier also means you can be sure that each glazing element will seamlessly work together to achieve the overall design, performance and vision.

renovation in Haslemere by Exact

Managing the project

Most of our projects include the full package of architectural glazing. Having spent many years honing their skills, the Exact team are experts in managing the often-complex onsite installation schedules and are very experienced in working with architects, builders and project managers to ensure each item of glazing is delivered on time as needed.

For this project, the contemporary entrance door and roof light will be installed later to meet the rest of the build schedule and minimise any risk of being damaged by other trades working on site.

Expert onsite installation

Seeing huge pieces of architectural glazing suspended in the air is always an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking moment on site. Many of our clients watch on mesmerised as panes of glass are expertly and safely lifted into place. For this project, we worked with our partner Trust in Safe Hands for the gable installation. Each gable unit, weighing approximately 200 kg, was carefully positioned by the crane and then installed using high-performance, weatherproof sealant.

pure glass glazed gable in Haslemere by Exact

An entrance door to wow

The entrance door for this project is a stunning example of a contemporary door. The entrance door features a special art finish, statement long handle, glass side panel and biometric scanner for the ultimate in security and keyless entry. We can’t wait to go back on site and install this gorgeous door and share the photographs!

If you are considering a new entrance door as part of your renovation, new build or extension, you may be surprised at just how much choice there is. From style and design to sidelights, handles and finishes, as well as entry systems. Find out more about how to integrate smart innovation such as biometric scanners, keypads or the SmartWindow app into your home here.

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