Pure Glass Sliding Door lock & handle options

17 December 2021

pure glass sliding door system by Exact Architectural Glazing

The Pure Glass Sliding Door is an exquisitely engineered sliding door system that can be specified to create an installation up to 36m2. In addition to the ultra-thin 20mm sightlines, the Pure Glass Sliding Door can be integrated with the Pure Glass Pivot Door, Pure Glass Vertica; Sliding Windows and Pure Glass Windows to achieve a contemporary, awe-inspiring glazing package for the whole project.

Lock & handle options

Part of the industry-leading door system which makes the Pure Glass Sliding Door so unique and versatile is the side jamb, which acts as the handle to open and close the doors. During the specification stage of the project, the optimum locking system will be discussed and agreed, from the below options:

Invisi-lock Integral: an invisible full height lock designed into the frame of the sliding door for the most minimal look available, with high-security performance.

Pure Glass Sliding Door Invis-lock integral


Invisi-lock Original: an exclusive invisible lock merged into the frame of the sliding door. By integrating two Invisi-lock Originals that must be operated simultaneously it is possible to achieve a child-safe handle and lock.

 Pure Glass Sliding Door Invisi-Lock original


The Meyer: a modern style block is used to lock and unlock the sliding door.

The Meyer lock and handle for the Pure Glass Sliding Door system


This video demonstrates the 3 handle and lock options available for the Pure Glass Sliding Door.

Pure Glass Sliding Door for your next project

If your project demands panoramic views, industry-leading performance, minimal sightlines and a bespoke configuration, the Pure Glass Sliding Door could be the right solution. Book an initial project consultation to speak to one of our Project Managers and find out more about this system and how it can be specified to meet your needs.

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