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7 September 2021

specialist glazing by Exact Architectural Glazing

Our carefully curated range of architectural glazing includes sliding, bifold and feature doors, roof lights and lanterns – all of which are designed, specified and installed to meet the exact needs of each project. During an Initial Project Consultation, we will discuss the vision of your project so that we can fully understand your requirements.

The Specialist glazing style

To achieve the perfect architectural glazing for a project, some projects will include a combination of different glazing styles. This article focusses on the Specialist glazing style, which allows you to create unique glazed installations. During your Initial Project Consultation, we will advise you on the styles and systems to achieve the vision.

The Specialist glazing style achieves unique and unlimited glazing opportunities throughout the home, with fully customisable finishes, frames, handles, configuration and automation. Whether you are looking for floating corners, ridge lights, guillotine windows, glass eaves or pivot doors, the specialist glazing style can do this and more. 

Specialist glazing in Rushden, Hertfordshire

A beautiful cottage-style home in Rushden, Hertfordshire is a great example of specialist glazing and the wow-factor it can create for a home. Part of the project is a glazed link, also known as up & over glazing or Pure Glass Eaves. This specialist glazing solution, part of the Pure Glass Bespoke range, incorporates large, glazed panels with minimal frame to achieve edge-to-edge glazing. This glazed link will connect the existing home with the new open plan kitchen, dining and living area.

Specialist glazing in Rushden Specialist glazing render in Rushden

Far more than just a run of large, glazed panels, this glazed link features a bespoke angle ‘dog-leg’ (WG07) which connects to a set of exterior pocket sliding doors (WG06). Rather than using steels, the fixed glazed panels are connected to the sliding doors via slim glass to glass joints to continue the minimalist design.

The 5355m wide sliding doors, will completely open, to create a moving wall of glass, with the panels stacked on the outside thanks to the exterior pocket design, rather than a traditional interior or concealed pocket.

The image below gives an impression of how the glazed link, fixed pane (WG08), dog-leg (WG07) and exterior pocket sliding doors (WG06) will look once installed.

specialist glazed link

Working in partnership

Architectural glazing requires a highly skilled team and expert knowledge to achieve a specialist installation such as this. Having worked within building and architectural glazing industry for many years, the Exact team will work with you and the whole project team to provide a collaborative project management approach throughout.

When you work with Exact, your dedicated Project Manager is on hand throughout to advise and ensure your project stays on track to achieve the agreed vision. Following the Initial Project Consultation, we will advise on the optimum architectural glazing solution(s) based on the requirements and budget.

Specialist project inspiration

Whilst specialist architectural glazing projects usually feature unique glazing, our Projects are a great source of inspiration. You may not see the exact design of architectural glazing you’re looking for on our website, however, the expertise and technical knowledge of the Exact team are yours throughout the project to achieve your unique vision.

A selection of our Specialist projects include:

Herondale Avenue, Wandsworth. Featuring bespoke, curved windows

bespoke curved windows by Exact

Weybridge, Surrey. Featuring Pure Glass Eaves

pure glass eaves by Exact Architectural glazing

New Malden, Surrey. Featuring Pure Glass Ridge Light

new malden ridge light

Brighton, East Sussex. Featuring Guillotine Windows

Guillotine windows in Brighton

Colchester, Essex. Featuring Floating Corner Sliding Doors

floating corner sliding doors by Exact

Achieve your architectural glazing vision with Exact

We would love to hear about the architectural glazing vision for your next project and see how we can work with you and your project team to bring it to life. Call 01428 748255, email or arrange your Initial Project Consultation here.




Partner with Exact to achieve the complete glazing package for your next residential project; one specialist supplier providing roof glazing systems, bifold and sliding doors, frameless systems and windows. 

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