Bespoke aluminium windows for the perfect view of your paradise

29 September 2020

aluminium high level picture window in Essex rear extension by Exact Architectural Glazing

Have you given much thought to the windows that you’d like for your extension or renovation? You could be forgiven for thinking that this particular part of architectural glazing doesn’t need much attention…. although if you did, you’d be missing a huge opportunity to not only maximise light but to also add your own unique vision and design in your home.

Over the years we have worked on a range of projects, each demanding their own unique design. Gone are the days when your windows have to be standard boxes in the standard location. Just like choosing the roof glazing or your glazed doors, your windows need careful planning.    

Have you thought about bespoke, frameless windows?

Yes - it’s possible to have frameless windows – and in a bespoke shape! Your options really are almost unlimited for your windows. Here are just some of our projects to help in your research.

In this Wandsworth project, these beautiful bespoke frameless curved windows form part of a vaulted sedum roof, flooding the kitchen and dining areas below with natural light. The key objective of this project was to soften the disconnect between the new extension and lush garden areas. Choosing frameless windows to complement the discreet VIIU Sliding Doors, creates a seamless, modern look and feel.

bespoke curved aluminium windows in Wandsworth project by Exact

What about a glazed gable?

An often-overlooked area when it comes to windows is a glazed gable. Not sure what we mean? Our New Malden project below showcases a glazed gable perfectly. There are many different ways to achieve a glazed gable; as part of a complete glazed wall on one floor of your home, combining with glazed doors or even installing glazing from the ground floor to the roof.

glazed gable in new malden project by Exact Architectural glazing

Our client in New Malden chose to combine the Glide S Sliding Door with a glazed gable to make the most of the garden views and increase the natural light into the lounge area.

While we’re talking glazed gables, we couldn’t resist including this recent bespoke glazed porch in Farnham, which features a frameless glazed gable as well as a frameless corner. 

glazed gable by Exact in Farnham porch

Making the most of sea views

If you’re living by the sea, you’re going to want to make the most of every opportunity to take in the view. Our twin-project in East Wittering, Sussex is a fantastic example of aluminium framed gable glazing. Using bespoke shaped aluminium frames for the gable glazing you can achieve a completely different look and feel to the frameless style – almost creating individual framed views.

Glazed gable by Exact in East Wittering

Picture perfect with a picture window

Size isn’t everything when it comes to glazing, however, we love this over-sized picture window featured in our Welshwood Park Road project. At 3000mm x 2400mm, it’s almost a glass wall rather than a window. This glazing in this rear extension is a beautiful example of how glazing can work seamlessly together to create light, views and space in your home.

Bespoke aluminium picture window by Exact Architectural glazing

A more modest picture window is featured in the kitchen of this Shalford. The 1500mm square window creates an ever-changing, framed view over the garden and the low windowsill is a perfect place to sit for a moment and enjoy the calming view.

fixed pane bespoke aluminium window b Exact Architectural Glazing

Rather than choosing a picture window, our clients in Creffield Road chose to echo the sleek frames of the Aluminium Roof Lantern and Glide S Sliding Doors, by featuring a bold bank of 4 windows in their kitchen.

Each of our window systems offers you the opportunity to create the perfect view from your home. Whether you choose a frameless, bespoke shape or an elegant aluminium frame – there is a style to suit your home and needs.

4 pane aluminium window by Exact Architectural glazing

Are you ready to chat all things windows?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the choice, never fear – our Project Managers are here to help you navigate the options. A visit to our Liphook showroom, which is open by appointment only, is a great way to get up close and see our range of architectural glazing and meet the team who will bring your project to life.

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