Cutting-edge design and technology

The Pure Glass Sliding Door is an industry-leading sliding door system combining cutting-edge design and technology to achieve awe-inspiring glazing installations. The ultra-thin glazing and minimal 20mm sightlines can be configured in unlimited ways and combined with the Pure Glass Pivot Door, Pure Glass Vertical Sliding Windows and Pure Glass Windows to create an entire contemporary glazing package.

Expansive sliding doors

At up to 18m2 per pane featuring double glazing or up to 36m2 per pane featuring triple glazing, the Pure Glass Sliding Door system is the unquestionable choice for projects that demand expansive glazed installations for the home. Unique to this system is the ability to specify a flush or hidden threshold around the whole frame perimeter, allowing the vast glazing to seamlessly blend with the internal and external design of the home.

Achieve industry-leading performance with the Pure Glass Sliding Door

During the Initial Project Consultation, the specific needs of the project will be discussed to agree on the glazing solutions to meet the vision and objectives for the home. The Pure Glass Sliding Doors can be specified with automation and special colours and finishes, to achieve the exact architectural style.

The high-performance system features superior air permeability, water tightness, wind resistance, acoustic insulation and security, with U values up to 1.2W/m²K.

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The Pure Glass Sliding Door system creates dramatic, panoramic views by combining ultra-thin glazing and industry-leading 20mm sightlines. The complete package of contemporary near-frameless architectural glazing can be achieved by combining this system with the Pure Glass Pivot Door, Pure Glass Vertical Sliding Windows and Pure Glass Windows.


Unique to this sliding door system is the option to specify a flush or hidden frame finish for the installation. During the Initial Project Consultation, the requirements of your project will be discussed so that we can ensure we can provide the right solution. Defining the threshold is a critical element as this will impact the system specified as well as the final design and build of the openings.


The Pure Glass Sliding Door system can be configured in a range of options to perfectly fit the architectural glazing vision of each project.

Standard configuration: feature multiple sliding panes across 1, 2, 3, 4 or more tracks to create a versatile opening style.

Corner configuration: fully open the room on two sides without a visible post to maximise the views, light and space of the home.

Pocket configuration: combine the minimalist style of the Pure Glass Bespoke Sliding Door with a pocket configuration to slide the panes inside walls to be completely invisible.


The side jamb of the Pure Glass Sliding Door acts as the handle to open and close. This sliding door system can be specified with a choice of 4 locking systems, to suit the specific need and lifestyle use of the home. Your dedicated Project Manager will discuss the solutions appropriate for your project.

Invisi-lock Integral: an invisible full height lock designed into the frame of the sliding door for the most minimal look available, with high-security performance.

Invisi-lock Original: an exclusive invisible lock merged into the frame of the sliding door.

Invisi-lock Child-Safe: two Invisi-lock Originals integrated into the sliding door frame that must be operated simultaneously thereby creating a child-safe handle and lock.

The Meyer: a modern style block is used to lock and unlock the sliding door.


To achieve optimum security, automatic electromagnetic locks, safety sensors and alarm cells can be specified.


The combination of cutting-edge technology and minimal frame design can be automated to achieve a flawless opening and closing movement, by incorporating a hidden motor into the head or jamb. For complete autonomy, the system can easily be switched to manual if required or operated via a remote control.


Is the Pure Glass Sliding Door in my budget?

As a guide, the Pure Glass Sliding Door system starts from £950 +VAT per m2  for the glazing. The full specification including size, glass specification, colour, operation, configuration and installation will be discussed with your Project Manager to meet the exact needs of your project.

What is the maximum size available for the Pure Glass Sliding Door?

When specified with double glazing, the Pure Glass Sliding Door can be up to 18m² per pane and with triple glazing, up to 23m² per pane (or 36m² per pane with 12 x 3m). With an almost limitless number of tracks, this sliding door system is the most versatile option for minimal framed sliding doors.

Are sliding doors heavy to open and close?

No, all of our sliding doors feature superior gearing systems giving you a smooth and effortless movement. Our sliding doors have been designed to be operated using only one hand - you can try this for yourself at our showroom in Liphook, Hampshire. Our showroom is open by appointment only.

For superior control, we can specify electrically operated sliding doors for the best possible experience.



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