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Ultra-slim sightlines

The Exact Viiu Sliding Door system has been designed to achieve stunning uninterrupted views with its ultra-slim profile, to flood your space with natural light and create a modern airy feeling.

A patented, adjustable profile at the meeting section - where the glass panes connect - guarantees the perfect fit and achieves an incredibly narrow 35mm interlock.

Unrivalled sliding door performance

The Exact Viiu Sliding Door system is fitted with high-security laminated glass with warm edge spacer bars and a structural silicone seal as standard to achieve optimal temperature control and performance. The system can achieve U-values from 0.75 W/m2K and is accredited to Swiss Minergie for thermal efficiency.

For unrivalled security, the sliding doors are fitted with a concealed electronic locking system which can be controlled via remote control or the push of a wall-mounted button. This anti-burglary system is tested to RC2 and is PAS 24:2016 certified.



The exceptional engineering and design of the VIIU sliding door system combines glass and frame to achieve a 99% glass to 1% frame ratio, as well as low threshold options for easy access and flow between rooms and the outdoors.


The VIIU sliding door system is a versatile solution which can be specified to achieve a wide range of configurations to suit the space, style and use of the room.

Standard configuration: featuring multiple panes of sliding glass which all slide in one direction or are bi-parting.

Open corner configuration: Also known as floating corner or open corner. This configuration is specified to achieve a whole corner opening without a fixed corner construction / corner post. Choosing this configuration will open up the corner of the room seamlessly into the gardens.


With large sliding doors, the ease of operation is crucial to ensure all the family can enjoy smooth, effortless movement. VIIU sliding doors can be specified to feature an integrated motor for automatic opening, as well as remote control or a wall-mounted push-button locking. For optimum security, this system is always specified with electric locking.


How do you achieve a premium seal between brick surround and the frame?

To achieve a neat seal between brick and your new architectural glazing, we use our premium sealing option, Hannoband 3E. It's a weathertight seal, vapour membrane and insulation tape all in one. It works particularly well between frame and brick to achieve a precise, weathertight seal – filling every groove, nook and void.  

Can the Viiu Sliding Door be used to replace a bifold or sliding door?

The Viiu Sliding Door has been designed to fit into ‘new build’ openings. That is, openings that have been prepared  specifically to create a building structure where the framework of the sliding door is built in to the building structure to create the frameless effect. If the sliding door is fitted as a replacement, you will need more involved structural change made.

What is the difference between the sliding door ranges that you offer?

All of the sliding doors that we offer provide you with high quality, secure glazing. Based on your property, size and requirements we will be able to advise you on the best sliding door design and configuration for your needs.



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