High-performance glazing

Our bespoke window system is thermally broken and provides strength and high-performance in a fixed, opening or top hung configuration. We use extruded 6063 aluminium alloy sections heat treated to T4 temper, which complies with the BS1474 standard.

Your choice of configuration

As the name suggests, our bespoke windows can be manufactured and configured to your exact specifications, allowing you to create unique glazing features in your property.

You can choose from fixed or opening windows, depending on your required functionality for the window. For our range of opening windows, fittings include an adjustable friction hinge with in-built 15-degree restrictor stay and reverse position catch. This allows the window to be turned 180-degrees, enabling both sides of the window to be easily accessed for cleaning from inside the home.

  Window Type



  Circular / Round


  Custom Curved Head (Arched)


  Square Cornered


  Radius Cornered (Top Hung)

  Elliptical (Oval)



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Product Features

  • All joints welded and dressed flush for invisible joints
  • Silver fittings as standard, other colours are available upon request
  • Manufactured from aluminium alloy 6063 extrusions with a minimum wall thickness of 2.5mm
  • Thermally broken using 2 x 22mm wide polyamide strips
  • Circular and shaped window frames are internally beaded for security purposes
  • Polyester powder coated finish 
  • Standard RAL colours or dual colour option available upon request
  • Windows are double neoprene sealed
  • Adjustable friction hinge with a built-in 15-degree restrictor stay and reverse catch
  • All double-glazed units are drained to the outside



If your project calls for something unique, talk to one of our Project Managers about bespoke windows. We can work with you - your architect, builder or project manager, to find a distinctive glazing solution in a one of a kind shape.

Our curved-on-plan aluminium windows can be made to a true radius or a template and manufactured in small to large radii.

Bespoke shape windows can only be fixed and externally glazed


Our fixed round windows can be designed and manufactured into a wider range of dimensions, from as small as 480mm up to 1800mm. All of our round aluminium windows are internally beaded for security purposes unless otherwise requested. 


Fixed configuration:

Minimum diameter: 480mm, Maximum diameter: 1800mm

Opening configuration:

Minimum diameter: 600mm, Maximum diameter: 1400mm


There are many different ways to achieve a glazed gable; as part of a complete glazed wall on one floor of your home, combining with glazed doors or even installing glazing from the ground floor to the roof.

Whether you would like to achieve an uninterrupted view with the frameless Pure Glass design or to define your view with a slimline aluminium frame, your glazed gable will become a stunning addition to your home.


Do you provide bespoke window glazing?

Every piece of architectural glazing is specified, designed and manufactured to the exact requirements and configuration of the project. Including round, semi-circle, arched, gothic, elliptical or trapezoid. For bespoke window inspiration, visit this article.

Arrange an Initial Project Consultation today and speak to one of our team today to discuss the unique window plans for your project. 

What is gable glazing?

Gable glazing is a highly specialist form of architectural glazing which can be achieved in a number of ways; as part of a complete glazed wall on one floor of your home, combining the system with glazed doors or even installing glazing from the ground floor to the roof. Find out more here.

If your next project includes gable glazing, working with us could be the solution to achieve a seamless result, from enquiry through to installation. Arrange your Initial Project Consultation today to find out more. 

Where can I see your Windows?

We have a showroom in Liphook, which is open 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday.

However, we find the most beneficial way to kick off a project is to start with an Initial Project Consultation to make sure we are the right fit for your project, before visiting our showroom. Find out more about the Initial Project Consultation in this article and book your appointment here or call 01428 748255.



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If you are looking to enhance the natural light and space within your property, our case studies are an excellent source of information and inspiration to discover how our exquisite, bespoke glazing solutions have transformed our client’s homes.



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