Uninterrupted panoramic views with sliding doors

Modern, minimal sight-line frames, expertly engineered gearing systems and thermal efficiency combine to create sleek sliding doors and provide uninterrupted panoramic views. 

Sliding doors are an incredibly versatile glazed door system. Within our range of sliding doors, features include standard, pocket, corner or multi-track configuration, manual or automated operation, 99% glass to 1% frame ratio and industry-leading ultra-thin sight-lines from 20mm.

Sliding door glass specification

Our carefully curated sliding door systems are custom built to your precise specification. We include toughened, argon-filled double-glazing with warm edge spacer bars as standard to achieve optimal temperature control and performance. During the specification process, we will advise on the complete glass specification based on location, use and safety requirements for your project.

Specifying your complete architectural glazing package

Working with Exact to design, manufacture and install your complete glazing package means a straightforward, end-to-end project management process. 

Being involved from the early stages of a project allows us to plan each step of your project meticulously and achieve a smooth installation. This is particularly key when it comes to scheduling and planning with your on-site team for the different glazing elements, which may involve multiple installation dates to fit with the project schedule.

With Exact you have one specialist team working with you to ensure each and every glazing system specified works seamlessly together to achieve the overall design aesthetic.

Explore our sliding door range below to find out more or call us today to start working on your project.





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