Stunning space saving views

Sliding Doors are a very popular glazing solution, especially when space is a consideration. Choosing sliding doors means that you don’t need to allow any space for your doors to open and stack. Due to the glazing and frame design of sliding doors, you can achieve a stunning span of up to  6700mm wide by 3200mm high with only 2 panels, creating more glazing and less frame.

Modern minimal aluminium frames, expertly engineered gearing systems and thermal efficiency combine to create a sleek glazing solution, which can be built to your specification.   

Our carefully curated range of aluminium frame Sliding Doors are custom built to your precise specification in the UK. We include toughened, argon-filled double-glazing with Warm Edge Spacer Bar as standard to achieve optimal temperature control and performance. For enhanced structural integrity, laminate glass is available.

Discover our Sliding Door range below to find your perfect solution and call us today to start working on the transformation of your property.


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