Enhance your space with Exact Roof Glazing

There is no doubt that adding roof glazing to your property will enhance your space and add the wow factor. Exact Architectural Glazing’s range of expertly chosen bespoke roof glazing offers a variety of solutions to suit any style of property.

Whether you are looking to achieve a modern frameless view to make the most of your property’s location, or want to make a statement with a contemporary aluminium frame to accentuate your glazing, our carefully curated range delivers uncompromising quality and beautiful end results.

All of our roof glazing solutions are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Across our glazing range we include self-cleaning, solar control specialist glass as standard to achieve optimal temperature control and light transmission in your property. We always use self-cleaning glass to ensure your roof glazing keeps its wow factor long after installation.

Discover our roof glazing range below to find your solution and call us today to start working on the transformation of your property.


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