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Lift & slide effortless operation

With a large expanse of glass, a highly engineered reliable mechanism to operate your doors is essential for a smooth, friction-free slide movement. For the ultimate ease of opening the Reynaers CP130 sliding doors incorporate the lift & slide mechanism. The lift & slide system features a longer handle which, when turned through 180 degrees, lifts the sash to hover above the frame, reducing friction and allowing the door to be opened and closed effortlessly.

Industry-leading sliding door performance

The Reynaers CP130 sliding door system features industry-leading maximum sizes to achieve uninterrupted, panoramic views of up to 2650mm wide and 2700mm high. The system can be configured with single, double or triple track options to achieve the perfect sliding door addition. During the planning stage, the Exact team will advise on the optimum glass specification to achieve U-Values as low as 1.1W/m2K, including the use of triple glazing where required.

Open corner glazed doors

Some projects require a more unique solution to achieve the best view and maximise the indoor-outdoor experience. Unique to the Reynaers CP130 system is the ability to achieve an open corner configuration, opening up 2-sides of a room without the need for a fixed corner element.

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The Reynaers CP130 system can be configured in multiple ways to achieve unique glazed door installations.

  • Standard: multiple panes of sliding glass, either all sliding one way or bi-parting.
  • Open / Floating Corner: to completely open up 2 walls of glass, the unique design of the Reynaers CP130 system can be installed without a fixed corner post - therefore the whole corner of the room is open and unobstructed, creating a seamless view and access to the garden.


The sightlines for the Reynaers CP130 system are 69mm for 2 panes and 98mm for all other configurations. If you are looking to achieve slimmer sightlines, you may like to consider the Pure Glass Sliding Door system


Specifying the Reyaners CP130 Sliding Door system will allow you to achieve a low threshold between your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. The threshold for your sliding doors will be discussed during the Initial Project Consultation so that we can ensure the most appropriate glazed door system is specified to achieve the vision for the project.


What is a lift & slide sliding door system?

A lift & slide door refers to the way in which your sliding doors open. Rather than a static rail and small rollers as you would find on an inline door, with a lift & slide door such as the Reynaers CP130, the sash is lifted and hovers above the frame, giving you an effortless, smooth opening movement.

Find out more about lift & slide sliding doors here.

Will I lose a lot of heat by installing sliding doors?

All of our sliding doors are chosen with thermal efficiencies in mind, feature high-specification glass that we tailor to each project; softcoat, argon filled, low ion, a-rated, double glazed glass etc. All aluminium profile frames have a thermal break to stop thermal bridging to maximise thermal efficiency.  You may also like to consider choosing triple glazing for increased thermal performance. Find out more here.

Are sliding doors heavy to open and close?

No, all of our sliding doors feature superior gearing systems giving you a smooth and effortless movement. Our sliding doors have been designed to be operated using only one hand - you can try this for yourself at our showroom in Liphook, Hampshire. 

For superior control, we can specify electrically operated sliding doors for the best possible experience.



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