Achieve unlimited views with contemporary bifold doors

Bifold doors are an incredibly versatile and effective choice for glazed doors, whether you’re looking for uninterrupted access between indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces, to maximise the natural light across living areas or to simply modernise your existing doors as part of a renovation.

Unobstructed views and access

One of the key advantages of specifying bifold doors is the ability to completely open up an entire wall of glass to create unobstructed views and access between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Also known as concertina doors, sliding folding doors or accordion doors, bifold doors are usually designed with an odd number of panels and include a traffic door. Featuring a traffic door within the configuration creates easy access without the need to open up and fold all panels.

Configured to the exact project needs

During the specification process, we will work with the project team to specify the optimum number of panels and the ideal configuration of the bifold door installation. 

The bifold door system is inherently versatile; the chosen system can be designed to open and fold to the left or right or a split stack with doors folding on both sides. Based on the size and use of space on either side of the bifold doors, they can fold inward or outward.

We will take the time to fully understand your whole project, and the vision, during the Initial Project Consultation. Our expert team will advise on the most suitable glazed door system to achieve the desired performance and aesthetic for the project. Many projects feature a combination of bifold, sliding and feature doors to achieve the overall glazing package and requirements of the home. 

Bifold doors designed, built and installed to your specification

The chosen aluminium-frame bifold doors will be custom built to your precise specification. We include toughened, argon-filled double-glazing with warm edge spacer bars as standard, to achieve optimal temperature control and performance in your bifold doors. During the specification process and in discussion with the project team, we will advise on the ideal glass specification based on location, use and safety requirements for the project. 

Explore our bifold door range below to find out more or call us today to start working on your project.





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