Specialist design, planning and specification

Each and every project is unique, requiring specialist design, planning and specification to achieve the visual impact and performance required. Defining the glazing style is a key step within our end-to-end process which starts with an Initial Project Consultation, to ensure we understand the project requirements and are able to provide you with the right glazing solutions.

Choosing your glazing style

Working with Exact for your complete architectural glazing package streamlines your process and means you can specify different glazing styles and systems within your project to achieve the overall design of the home. 

Heritage glazing combines modern performance with traditional styling and is often featured in projects to seamlessly connect existing and new architectural styles. 

Our High Performance glazing provides you with a beautiful design combined with optimum thermal efficiency; the perfect choice to achieve Passivhaus specification homes.

If you are looking to achieve uninterrupted views for your home, our Minimalist style glazing could be right for you. This modern style blurs the boundaries of design and architecture to achieve breathtaking results.

Many projects that we undertake feature Specialist glazing; unique glazed installations with unlimited configurations to achieve a distinctive feature for the home.  

Discover more about our glazing styles below. 



Get in touch today to find out more about our glazing styles and how we work with you to achieve the right solution for your project.



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