Introducing guillotine windows

19 February 2021

Two large guillotine windows by Exact Architectural Glazing in Brighton, East Sussex

Our recent project in Brighton, East Sussex features two 3m x 3m guillotine windows

A guillotine window is like a sliding door system – however, the panes are vertical and slide up or down, based on the desired configuration. Within the window, fixed and sliding vertical panes are installed to create a unique design that blends the internal and external views, allowing airflow as well as an inbuilt balustrade.

internal view of guillotine window by Exact Architectural Glazing

This unique window configuration isn’t for every project or style of home however, when we met with the client during the Initial Project Consultation, we discovered this was the original brief. Having talked to other glazing suppliers, the client had revised the vision – our expertise meant that we were able to achieve the dream!

For more details on this project and the guillotine windows, read our case study. If you have a project underway and would like to discuss your bespoke glazing package, arrange your Initial Project Consultation now and find out how we can work with you to achieve your requirements.




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