What is a Lift & Slide door?

25 August 2020

Glide S lift & slide sliding doors in Hampshire rear extension

If you’re considering sliding doors for your project, you’ll want to read on! Our carefully curated range of high-performance sliding doors can all be made to your exact specification and will provide you with uninterrupted views, minimal frame, sleek design and excellent thermal performance.

What you may not know about – yet – is the lift & slide design.

What is a lift & slide door?

A lift & slide door refers to the way in which your sliding doors open. Rather than a static rail and small rollers as you would find on an inline door such as the VIIU sliding door, with a lift & slide door such as the Reynaers CP130, the sash is lifted and hovers above the frame, giving you an effortless, smooth opening movement.

The wheels engage when the handle is turned – which also means if you wanted to park your sliding door at any point along the rail, rather than fully open or closed, you can turn the handle which will engage the wheels and fix the door in place.

Why choose a lift & slide door?

A lift & slide door provides you with enhanced protection against debris interfering with the sliding door and rail, ensuring you maintain that smooth motion for the life of your doors.

When choosing large scale sliding doors, it’s important to consider the ease of opening for all members of the family. Glazing panels can weigh up 200 - 500kg, so you want to make sure you choose a reliable system with a high-quality precision-engineered mechanism. The lift & slide door will allow you to open even oversized doors with the push of a finger!

The lift & slide mechanism also provides enhanced air and water tightness by removing friction on the seals during operation, therefore reducing wear and tear.

Security is always a serious consideration for your home. When you choose a lift & slide door system, the full weight of the sash rests on the frame when closed – therefore providing additional protection.

Our range of lift & slide doors

If you think a lift & slide system sounds like the right solution for your renovation, here’s a quick overview of our range:

Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door

As well as the lift & slide mechanism, the Reynaers CP130 sliding door features a whole host of specialist features. Including;

  • Flexible configuration to create floating corners
  • Single, double or triple track
  • Low and flush threshold
  • Anti-burglary system tested to RC2

Reynaers CP130 lift & slide sliding door with floating corner configuration

Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door system featured in this beautiful rear extension in Colchester.

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Glides S Sliding Door

The Glide S system allows you to achieve a span of up to 6700mm wide with only two panels, plus;

  • Pocket configuration – allowing the door to slide between a wall or partition
  • Single, double or triple track
  • Multi-point locking cylinders
  • 47mm mullion (2 panes)

Glide S lift & slide sliding door in Colchester

Glide S Sliding Door system featured in a recent project in Essex

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Bespoke Composite 

Available in timber-aluminium or UPVC-aluminium, Bespoke Composite sliding doors feature a contemporary design, plus;

  • Low and flush threshold
  • Up to 11m wide panel with Timber-aluminium
  • Sounds reduction of up to 40db
  • Ultra-low U values

Composite lift & slide sliding doors

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The ultimate sliding door operation

As if the lift & slide system wasn’t enough – we can make operating your sliding doors even easier! Why not choose to upgrade your system with electrically operated opening and locking for the ultimate in ease, safety and security. To see the Bespoke Composite sliding doors in action in our Liphook showroom, open by appointment only, click here to make an appointment. 

Ready to talk about your sliding doors?

Choosing the glazing for your renovation is a big decision. Whether you choose lift & slide or inline sliding doors, bifold doors or French doors, our Project Managers are here to work with you and your team to ensure you achieve the perfect solution for your project.

Get in touch today and get your project underway. Send us an email or complete our contact form with as much detail as you can such as architect’s drawings, project address, timings and contact details.

With extensive specialist knowledge on bespoke glazing, our Project Managers are ready and excited to hear all about your plans and see how we can work together.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Case Studies for ideas on doors, roof glazing, windows and renovations across the south of England.




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