Achieve minimalist architectural glazing with the Pure Glass range

13 July 2021

exact pure glass pivot door for minimalist glazing

The style of architectural glazing chosen for a project is key to achieving the overall vision. Working with the project team from the early stages of a project allows us to understand the detail and needs of the glazing. We aim to begin each project with an Initial Project Consultation.

During the consultation, we will discuss the requirements and vision of the project to ensure we are the right specialist glazing partner for you. It’s also your opportunity to find out about us, how we work and why our end-to-end project management approach will simplify your project.

Choosing glazing styles

You may not know whether the style of glazing for the project would be defined as minimalist, high-performance, specialist or heritage, so working with our team ensures the right glazing style and system is specified to achieve the vision and needs of the project.

If your project demands large expanses of glass, panoramic views, frameless or minimal sightlines, uninterrupted views and access, minimalist glazing is likely to be the style of glazing package needed.

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Introducing Pure Glass minimalist glazing

Our Pure Glass range includes roof lanterns, roof lights, sliding doors, vertical sliding windows, pivot doors, windows. Whilst all our glazing is specified to the exact needs of each project, we can also design and specify bespoke glazing to create unexpected and unique installations such as Pure Glass Eaves, Pure Glass Ridge Lights and Pure Glass Walk On.

Whilst different glazing styles and systems can be specified within one project, the Pure Glass range can be specified across the home to achieve the ultimate minimalist architectural style.

Pure Glass roof glazing

The Pure Glass roof glazing range includes the Roof Lantern, Flat Roof Light and Bespoke solutions. All the Pure Glass roof glazing systems are ultra-modern in design and are specified to achieve frameless roof glazing installations. Some of the key features of Pure Glass roof glazing are:

  • Edge to edge glazing
  • Frameless views
  • Optimum weathering performance
  • Excellent thermal and solar performance

Pure Glass Roof Lantern

Pure Glass Roof Lanterns

  • Ultra-modern design
  • Pyramid or Rectangular configuration
  • Manual or electric opening

Find out more about the Pure Glass Roof Lantern

Pure Glass Flat Roof Light

If edge-to-edge flat roof glazing is the requirement, the Pure Glass Flat Roof Light could be the solution. With a contemporary aesthetic and modular configurations, it's a versatile system to create unobstructed views both from inside the home and from upper floors.

 pure glass flat roof light

Find out more about the Pure Glass Flat Roof Lantern

Pure Glass Bespoke

Pure Glass Bespoke Roof Glazing is for those projects that demand something bespoke in every way. All our glazing systems are specified to the exact needs of each project; however Pure Glass Bespoke Roof Glazing is chosen to create unique glazed features across homes.

By its very design, the bespoke roof glazing configuration for your next project may well not be featured on our site. In discussion with the architect and project team, we will design and specify the perfect bespoke solution to enhance the glazing across the home.

pure glass bespoke glazing

Find out more about Pure Glass Bespoke Roof Glazing

Pure Glass Doors and Windows

Working with one glazing specialist to specify the complete glazing package not only ensures the project achieves the overall minimalist aesthetic, but it also simplifies project management and communication throughout. From enquiry, survey and logistics through to installation and aftercare, our end-to-end collaborative approach sets us apart and means that you have a dedicated team throughout your project.

Pure Glass Doors and Windows are industry leading systems that combine cutting-edge design and technology to achieve awe-inspiring glazing installations.

Pure Glass Sliding Doors

pure glass sliding door

  • Up to 18m2 per pane with double glazing
  • Ultra-thin 20mm sightlines
  • Flush or hidden threshold design
  • Superior air, water and wind resistance

Find out more about Pure Glass Sliding Doors

Pure Glass Vertical Sliding

Vertical Sliding windows, also known as guillotine windows, offer a unique alternative to sliding doors. A vertical sliding window is configured to include fixed and vertical sliding panes to blend internal and external views and can also provide a balustrade.

Our project in Brighton features two 4-pane vertical sliding windows, operated by an exclusive hidden operating system to create a central opening configuration.

pure glass vertical sliding

  • Effortless vertical glide opening
  • Exclusive hidden operating pully system
  • Central opening, top & bottom opening or pocket configuration

Find out more about Pure Glass Vertical Sliding

Pure Glass Pivot Doors

The Pure Glass Pivot Door is a beautiful minimalist door which can be featured as an entrance door as well as throughout the home in combination with the other Pure Glass systems. Working with the project team, we will design and specify the bespoke pivot door configuration from single and multi-pane, inward or outward opening and manual or automated operation.

pure glass pivot door 

Discover the Pure Glass Pivot Door

Pure Glass Windows

Specifying Pure Glass windows will complete the minimalist vision of the project, when combined with the Pure Glass roof and door solutions. Whether you are looking for minimal sightlines, concealed motorised operation, sliding or tilt and turn opening, special colours or custom shaped windows, the Pure Glass range can be configured and specified to the exact needs of the project.

Find out more about Pure Glass Windows

Pure Glass Bespoke Windows

pure glass bespoke windows

  • Unique, distinctive window design
  • Gable glazing
  • Fixed or opening round windows

Discover Pure Glass Bespoke Windows

The complete glazing package with Exact

Get in touch with us today to arrange your Initial Project Consultation and find out more about the Exact approach and how we can work with you to achieve your vision.

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