Expertise and collaboration in New Forest project

25 June 2021

Delivery of minimalist architectural glazing

Each architectural glazing project is unique and requires a collaborative, end-to-end project management approach to achieve a smooth on-site installation. Working with one, specialist partner for the whole glazing package is key to achieving a cohesive architectural style across the project as every detail across the whole scheme is considered together to create the final vision.

Collaborating with Exact

Following the Initial Project Consultation to discuss this large project, the next step was a visit to our Liphook Showroom. This is an opportunity to get up close with the glazing styles and systems available, discover the clients’ preferences, and understand the project's exact needs.

Based on the outcome of this meeting, our initial recommendation is outlined to achieve the requirements and budget of the project.

For this project, it was key to honour the history and style of the buildings, whilst integrating contemporary glazing to achieve a frameless vision.

The glazing solutions and specifications are refined and optimised to create the complete bespoke glazing package through further discussion and collaboration.

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Exact Architectural Glazing showroom in Liphook, Hampshire

Your specialist architectural glazing partner

We believe the role of your architectural gazing supplier is so much more than just specifying the right glazing systems and glass. Working with the project team to fully understand the overall vision of a project allows us to add our extensive expertise to the project team.

Fundamental to glazing for this project is our client's desire for the glazing to appear frameless. To achieve this, the floor, ceiling and wall finishes and thresholds must be considered in partnership with the glazing to achieve this finish. 

To realise this, brick piers have been designed and built for many of the vertical glazing sections; the pier will hide much of the frame to create a frameless appearance. Similarly, the ceiling finish and glazing for the sliding doors and fixed panels have been designed in unison to create a flush header and floor profile.

Details such as these need to be considered, discussed and agreed upon during the specification and survey stage, to avoid unnecessary cost implications or delays to the project.

Agreeing on the finished floor level/build-up for each room to achieve the desired threshold also needs to be agreed upon at the point of survey.

Working with Exact on the complete glazing package means just one point of contact for your architectural glazing. Any questions and changes can easily be discussed and agreed upon, and their impact on the overall project quantified.

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Finalising the glazing package

Prior to the survey, the specification of each architectural glazing element is agreed upon and sent digitally to the client for sign-off. This agreement forms the plan for the project and is the basis upon which the project will progress. At this point, the dedicated Project Manager will arrange the survey and become the main point of contact for the project.

On site survey for minimalist glazing

At the survey, a datum line is agreed on-site between us and the client/builder/architect, this is the agreed point of reference from which all measurements are taken. All of the structural openings are surveyed and used to establish and confirm the manufacturing sizes as well as the design requirements such as thresholds. On occasion, work may be required to the openings to prepare them for the glazing installation; this is also advised during the survey.

End-to-end project management for architectural glazing

With the complete glazing package specified, production is launched and liaison between the Project Manager and onsite team begins to agree on the installation schedule.

Many projects, involve a phased approach to seamlessly fit the glazing into the build schedule and around other trades. With the complete glazing package managed by one specialist partner, this is all meticulously planned and managed by the Exact Project Manager.

To avoid the risk of damage to glazing once delivered on-site, delivery is timed to each phase. The first phase for this project included the frames and preparation, while the extensive glass panels were safely stored away from site. With the openings ready, over 5.8 tones of specialist glass were delivered onto the site along with the specialist lifting team and equipment, to take care of the installation.


 Exact frames for sliding doors installed

Minimalist glass in factory


Throughout the whole project, from Initial Project Consultation to installation, the specialist Exact team are on hand to discuss your project. We pride ourselves on being responsive and proactive problem solvers to any challenges which may come up during the project, 

Throughout the project, the Exact team have been responsive, open and easy to talk to. The Old Mill is incredibly special to us, and it is great to work with a team that is as passionate as we are. They are at the end of the phone or email if I have a question and have worked with us to overcome some unforeseen challenges on the project. Having one supplier for the whole glazing package has simplified a very complex piece of this project for us.

Sliding doors glass install in Hampshire

The project glazing package

The glazing package for this project includes over 7 tonnes of glass across 177 m2

Pure Glass sliding doors in Hampshire

If you are researching and planning a project which demands exquisite architectural glazing, get in touch today to find out more about Exact.

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Minimalist glazing in Hampshire Minimalist glazing in Hampshire




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