Architectural glazing makeover in Milford

Milford, Surrey

25 July 2019

FD85 bifold in Milford Cottage

Inkeeping with the desire to create open plan, flexible living spaces, our clients in Milford, Surrey embarked on a project to transform their cottage with a rear extension. The new extension features the kitchen and living space, creating a multi-functional family space for everyone to use.

Finding a local company for architectural glazing

With a new extension planned, our clients were keen to be very involved in the sourcing of the roof lantern and bifold doors, to ensure they achieved their dream of a space flooded with natural light and views of the garden and skies above. Working with a local company was on the list of must-haves too, so having done some research and found our case studies online, our client popped in for a chat with Frazer to find out how we could assist with the transformation.

It’s all about the sightlines

When it comes to adding glazed doors to a property, a major consideration for many people is the view through the doors. Bifold doors, with their ability to open up an entire wall of glass, are a popular choice as they create a completely unobstructed view and access when open. Our clients were keen to minimise the sightlines of the doors when closed and to achieve the lowest frame to glass ratio, so the FD85® Bifold Door system was the perfect solution.
With a lovely patio area to step out onto, choosing bifold doors for this extension created an enviable 2650mm wide opening, fantastic for free-flow access onto the garden, and allowing light and fresh air into the living space.
The 3 bifold panels fold neatly to the side – to maximise internal space, our clients chose outward opening, however, with the FD85® system, you can choose internal opening if space allows.

fd85 opening

The beauty of a traffic door

As if being able to open up the entire wall of glazing wasn’t enough, by choosing an odd number of panels - usually 3 or 5 - the bifold door system features a ‘traffic door’. A traffic door is a traditional hinged door that opens with a handle and allows access without needing to open up the whole bifold – perfect for the unpredictable weather or if you need to pop outside to the shed!
If you’re not sure whether bifold doors or sliding doors are the best option for your project, have a look at our news story to help you decide.

fd85 bifold

Sky views with an aluminium lantern

All of our architectural glazing is made from premium quality aluminium and is available in a range of standard and bespoke finishes to complement the interior and exterior design of a property. Having chosen the FD85® bifold doors in Anthracite Grey, the Contemporary Aluminium Roof Lantern was the perfect choice for roof glazing, with its minimal frame bars and matching Anthracite Grey finish.
Being able to visit our showroom, which is open by appointment only, and see our range of roof glazing and doors available makes it much easier to decide between the systems we offer. There’s really no substitute to getting up close with our products and grilling our Project Managers to find the best solution for your project.

aluminium roof lantern

More family time, less tv-time!

We spend most of our time in the new space, the lantern has made the extension so bright – you feel like you’re outside. And we’re watching less tv now too! 

The new space, along with the glazing has completely transformed the use of the home for our clients. Phil went on to say:

I’ve recommended Exact to friends who are researching their own home improvement projects. They were very professional, worked well with our builder during the preparation and install and knew what they were doing. It was great to have that peace of mind and confidence.

transformed living space with fd85 and aluminium roof lantern

Project Details:

Glazing Solution: Contemporary Aluminium Roof Lantern

Size: 2300mm x 1700mm

Frame Colour: Anthracite Grey RAL RAL7016M

Glass: Toughened, Active Solar Control, self-cleaning, argon filled double-glazed

Glazing Solution: FD85® Bifold Door

Size: 2650mm x 2150mm

Frame Colour: Anthracite Grey RAL RAL7016M, with silver hardware

Glass: 4/4 toughened planithermOne softcoat

before and after exact architectural glazing makeover

Got a project in mind?

If you’re researching a project and are feeling inspired by this project, why not make an appointment to pop into our showroom and chat to one of our Project Managers? Our showroom is open 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, by appointment only, with Saturday appointments available by request. Click here to make an appointment or contact us on 01428 748255 to arrange a convenient time to pop in.




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