Sussex glazing transformation

Brighton, East Sussex

19 February 2021

Brighton home featuring guillotine windows by Exact Architectural Glazing

For most people, it’s a once in a lifetime project to build your own home. Our client in Brighton decided to do just this and wanted to create a unique residence, with some stunning architecture and design features. The project is in its final stage of completion however, with the glazing installed, we couldn’t wait to share this unique home.

Making the impossible, possible

We aim to start all of our projects with an Initial Project Consultation. Like any successful partnership, the suppliers you choose to work with on your build need to be the right fit for you and the project. During your initial project consultation, we’ll discuss your specific needs and explain our full range of glazing systems as well as our approach and expertise. This ensures we can provide you with the products, service and expertise you need.

Having talked through the plans with our Brighton client, we discovered that the original vision was to incorporate vertical sliding windows or ‘guillotine windows’ into the front of the property. However, not having found a supplier able to achieve this unique design and installation, the plans now featured traditional sliding doors with a glass balustrade.

The initial project consultation allowed us to fully understand the vision and the brief for this project – and importantly, work with the client to achieve his original vision by specifying Pure Glass Vertical Sliding windows.

What is a vertical sliding window?

A vertical sliding window features a configuration of fixed and sliding vertical panes, creating a unique design that blends the internal and external views, allowing airflow as well as an inbuilt balustrade.

guillotine window configuration in Brighton by Exact Architectural Glazing

This sliding window configuration features 4 vertical panes. A fixed pane at the top and bottom, with 2 central panes that slide smoothly to open the middle section of the window. The below video shows the window being closed to demonstrate this unique glazing.

Each sliding window is designed to meet the exact needs, location and vision of the project. The below diagram shows the configuration of this installation to provide more detail to assist in your research and planning.

guillotin window operation by Exact Architectural Glazing in Brighton

Providing a complete glazing package

In addition to the vertical sliding windows, we specified and installed a complete package of glazing for this project including 6 roof glazing items – a mix of fixed pane and electrical opening systems, French doors, the entrance door and 12 slim profile aluminium windows across the property, all featuring specialist CUIN glass.

As well as achieving our client’s vision with the Pure Glass Vertical Sliding windows, by specifying Exact for the complete glazing package for the home, the design of each and every piece of bespoke architectural glazing was selected to achieve the overall aesthetic of the property, with slim sightlines and contemporary design.

Working with one, specialist supplier for all of the architectural glazing in a project provides the whole project team with a straightforward process, one dedicated team throughout the project and a cohesive glazing package.

Innovative glazing solutions

Each and every architectural glazing project features bespoke design and configuration to achieve the unique vision required. If you have a project underway, arrange your Initial Project Consultation today so that we can help you to achieve your project. From enquiry, survey and logistics through to installation and aftercare, our end-to-end, collaborative approach sets us apart and means that you have a dedicated team throughout your project.

If vertical sliding windows aren’t for you, spend some time looking at our projects. Each of our projects feature bespoke glazing solutions to inspire you and help you to decide on the design and vision to meet your needs. You may not find the exact unique configuration, however, working with your project team, we can design and install the bespoke glazing features you need.

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