Self-cleaning glass - it's real!

14 March 2019

pure glass lantern featuring self-cleaning glass

One consideration when choosing your roof glazing is the type of glazing to select. Having designed your bespoke roof light or lantern, we always fit self-cleaning glass. It may sound like the stuff of dreams, but it’s real – and means your roof glazing will look as beautiful for years to come as it does on the day it’s installed, without the need for ladders and elbow grease.

The science bit

As you can imagine, the science behind self-cleaning glass is highly technical! In simple terms, self-cleaning glass features a unique coating which, once activated by UV light (the sun), continually works to break down organic dirt.

Whilst the coating is working on such a microscopic level, it’s impossible to see how it breaks down the dirt, what you will notice is how the rain doesn’t run down in the usual rivulets. Instead, the coating causes the rain to spread out over the glass in a sheet, which wipes the dirt away as it runs off.

Not only does the glass remain cleaner year-round, the coating continues to work its magic by drying quickly to leave the glass streak-free. Leaving you to relax and enjoy the view.

Benefits of self-cleaning glass

Glazing performance

As well as featuring Self-cleaning glass, all of our roof glazing comes with the below enhanced glazing benefits as standard, to provide you with excellent performance and longevity.

Solar Control Glass allows sunlight to pass through while reducing the amount of heat transferred to the indoor space, allowing for superior temperature control year-round.

Toughened Glass – as the name suggests, toughened glass is stronger and is able to withstand temperature changes and impact, giving you peace of mind that your roof glazing is built to last.

Our team of experts are on hand for helpful advice on your roof glazing project – call us today on 01428 748255 or email to find out how we can work with you to bring your glazing vision to life.





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