Behind the scenes – specialist glass handling at height

25 November 2020

It takes a team of specialist glass handlers to make sure that your precious glazing arrives safely on-site and into position. For large, heavy glazing items, such as this 325kg roof light, the team use our secret weapon – spider crane.

 spider crane specialist g;ass handling on site by Exact Architectural GLazing

Specialist glass handling on site

Spider crane is an incredibly strong and versatile piece of machinery – we like to think of it as our extra team member.

Our clients in Petersfield chose 7 roof glazing elements to feature within their Edwardian home renovation, this included a 2000mm x 2000mm Pure Glass Pyramid on the top floor of this 3-storey home. Whilst access to the site wasn’t an issue, the care, precision and expertise needed to move the large roof lantern into place at that height, is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

specialist glass handling in Petersfield by Exact Architectural Glazing

Expertly installing large-scale roof glazing

If you choose a Pure Glass Lantern as your roof glazing solution, you might be surprised to know that this will arrive on site fully assembled. In our Ascot project, the sleek 2040mm x 1350mm frameless lantern was expertly installed on the top story of our client’s home.

the Exact Architectural Glazing specialist. team in action

Access to site can be a challenge on some projects. When we are working with sliding doors such as the 3188mm x 2423mm panes of Glide S Sliding Doors featured in our Colchester project, a narrow side passageway access route requires planning.

Spider crane was used to carefully manoeuvre the large panes onto site and into position, whilst our team of installers take care of the finer positioning details to finish the installation.

Colchester project with Exact Architectural Glazing specialist team on site

Manoeuvring glazing on restricted sites

Similarly in our Wandsworth project, narrow side access meant the 3000mm x 2400mm VIIU Sliding Door panels were squeezed into place with spider crane working overtime to keep the glazing secure.

Exact Architectural Glazing's specialist team on site in Wandsworth

When it comes to installing roof glazing, precision is everything. The specialist crane operator and installation team work seamlessly together, in constant communication, to lift hundreds of kilos of bespoke glazing into the air and into position.

pure glass bespoke ridge light installed by Exact's specialist team in New Malden

 pure glass roof lantern carefully installed by Exact's specialist team

If you’re researching roof glazing for your project, why not spend some time looking at our case studies for inspiration? Whether you’re looking for an Aluminium Roof Lantern, Pure Glass Roof Lantern, Flat Roof Light – or something completely unique, our Project Managers are here to work with you to achieve your glazing vision.

Working with Exact for your architectural glazing

Our Liphook showroom , which is open by appointment only, is the perfect place to discuss your project with one of our Project Managers. Our end-to-end approach sets us apart and means that you have a dedicated team during your project from enquiry, survey and logistics through to installation and aftercare.

We can solve all of your glazing needs from roof glazing, windows, entrance doors, glazed doors and bespoke glazing – saving you valuable time by working with one specialist glazing company for all of your needs.

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