Specifying windows

2 February 2021

Specifying windows when working with Exact Architectural Glazing

As architectural glazing experts, we only work with the very best glazing systems to provide you with premium solutions.

Find out more about our Timber-Aluminium and Aluminium Composite window systems. Here are our top 5 reasons to specify these systems:

1.     Thermal performance excellence

These windows combines exceptional engineering, high-quality materials, superior thermal performance and versatility to achieve performance excellence. You can select Aluminium Composite or Timber-Aluminium frames to achieve the desired performance standard. With the growing popularity of PassivHaus certification, u-values as low as 0.6 W/m2K can be achieved with the composite windows within the range.

2.     Exclusive FIX-O-ROUND® technology

Key considerations when selecting the glazing system for your project are:

  • Thermal insulation and security
  • Sound protection
  • Function and stability of the window

Fix-O-Round glazing technology from Internorm

These window systems use exclusive FIX-O-ROUND® technology to connect and bond the glazing to the frame continuously, rather than the traditional method which only connects the frame in key positions. This achieves improved performance in all key areas of glazing, providing you with a superior quality product for the lifespan of your glazing. 

3.     Customising your window finish

Gone are the days when windows were an afterthought or standard addition to the home. When you specify windows, not only can you choose the interior and exterior colour finish, you can also decide on the exact handle style to complement the architectural design of the home.

Customise your Internorm windows when you work with Exact Architectural Glazing

4.     Innovation, engineering and reliability

These window systems have been painstakingly designed and refined for over 50 years, constantly pushing the innovation and design to offer high-performance solutions. From cutting-edge minimalism to traditional detailing, there is a window style to perfectly suit your home.

5.     Achieving a consistent design across the home

Across the home, windows and glazing need to perform different functions. For example, the glazing chosen for areas such as en-suites, cloakrooms or swimming pool areas, need to perform well in a high humidity environment. The Timber-Aluminium and Aluminium Composite windows allows you to ‘mix & match’ profiles to ensure the optimum performance across the home, whilst achieving the same consistent look on the exterior. There’s no need to compromise on design or style.

Cross section of aluminium and timber-aluminium composite windows by Exact

Working with Exact for your architectural glazing

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During the call, you can find out more about our end-to-end project management approach, our full range of glazing systems and why working with Exact could be the right solution for you,


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