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30 July 2020

triple glazed internorm window

For most homeowners a large renovation or extension is a significant investment of time, money and effort – and most likely a one-off project to create a forever home.

Comfort, safety and thermal efficiency are three important factors to take into account when choosing your architectural glazing.

Are you trying to reduce noise from nearby roads or railways lines? Enhance the acoustics within your home? Or minimise draughts in existing parts of your home? If you’re aiming to reduce noise, improve thermal performance and create a calm and cosy living space, choosing triple glazing could be the answer for you.

What is triple glazing?

As the name suggests, triple glazing features three pane of glass within the frame, rather than the two found in double glazing. Between each pane of glass is argon gas. Triple glazing gives you an extra layer of insulation, making it harder for heat to escape.

triple glazing cross section. Internorm

Cross-section of Internorm HS330 Sliding Door featuring triple glazing

What are the benefits of triple glazing?

Noise reduction

Did you know that a typical double-glazed window will reduce noise by approximately 28dB? When you upgrade to Internorm’s triple glazed window system, sound is reduced by up to 48dB.

In addition to the precision design, glazing and engineering of the Internorm system, our expert team of installers use a specialist foam tape during installation to maximise the performance of the glazing.

Greater comfort, less draughts

Every room will have a slight temperature variation due to the circulation of air. If the difference in temperature in areas of a room is above 2.5o, that’s when you’ll notice a draught.

When triple glazing is featured, an ambient temperature is maintained as there is no convection created when warm air hits the triple glazed window and then cools. This is especially important when large scale glazing is being featured, for example sliding doors.

triple glazed sliding doors

Increased thermal efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of triple glazing is the thermal efficiency; when you choose Internorm windows, u-values can be as low as 0.63W/m2k. Whilst the specific details can get you bogged down in technical jargon, what this really means for you is lower energy bills and the ability to achieve Passivhaus performance standards.

The Internorm window system is designed for triple glazing, which means no adjustments are necessary when you specify triple glazing; the hardware, frame and overall design is engineered for triple glazing.

Increased security

Security in the home is top of mind for everyone. With its additional weight and 3rd pane, the entire surface area of your glazing is strengthened, making it much harder for anyone to break in.

The Internorm window systems also feature enhanced security features as standard.

Adding value to your home

As we become ever more educated and aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions and their effect on global warming, our homes need to work more efficiently. When building from scratch, the Passivhaus model is becoming more popular to achieve as architects, builders, supplier and homeowners strive to reduce the ecological footprint of the build and its performance.

Whilst many of us aren’t in the position to be able to build our own homes, we can choose to upgrade to triple glazing to reduce energy usage.

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If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out our case studies to see how our clients have transformed their homes with architectural glazing.

external triple glazed sliding doors




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