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12 May 2020

Exact Pure Glass Slot Window Up & Over Eaves

Each and every piece of glazing we install is manufactured to your exact specification from our carefully curated range of door, roof glazing and window styles. However, for some projects a completely bespoke glazing solution is the only way to go.

Introducing Pure Glass Bespoke glazing

By their very nature, the range of Pure Glass Bespoke solutions are unique – so you may not find the exact configuration for your project featured. However, working with your architect and builder, we can design, manufacture and install the bespoke glazing feature you need – even if you can’t find a picture for inspiration!

Up & over glazing? Ridge Lights? Glass Eaves? Walk On Glass? Glazed Links?

Most people know what a roof light or lantern is, but when it comes to the bespoke architectural glazed pieces, it can be difficult to know how to refer to them, so researching is a challenge! Our Pure Glass Bespoke range includes Glass Eaves, Ridge Lights and Walk On Glass – not sure which one is for you? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Glass Eaves: also known as Up & Over Glazing or Glazed Links, this is a style of fixed glazing which connects an overhead glazed panel with vertical glazing. A recent project in Weybridge, Surrey features Glass Eaves glazing, find out more in the case study.

Pure GLass Eaves

  • Ridge Lights: a Ridge Light is a contemporary frameless glazing installation for the apex of your roof, which provides glazing on both returns. Our clients in New Malden, London chose a Pure Glass Ridge Light for their extension, find out more our case study.

Pure Glass Ridge Light

  • Walk On Glass: as the name suggests, this glazing solution can be used safely for foot traffic and is designed to sit flush to internal or external flooring. 

walk on glass

Contemporary frameless glazing solutions

All of our Pure Glass Bespoke glazing solutions create a dramatic architectural feature for your project. The frameless contemporary design of the glazing appears to float and blur the lines of your internal and external spaces, for a unique and seamless transition.  

The clean lines and minimalist design of the Pure Glass Bespoke glazing solutions provide the perfect feature to bring together different architectural styles; connecting existing buildings, creating beautiful covered access and creating unique habitable and functional spaces.

Discover the Pure Glass Bespoke range 

To find out more about our Pure Glass Bespoke range and how we can work with you and your team to realise your unique vision, contact one of our Project Managers today on 01428 748255, info@exactag.co.uk




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