Adding wow with a roof lantern

6 March 2019

the aluminium roof lantern creates a stunning internal and external wow to any home

It would be easy to think that a roof lantern is only for grand homes in magazines. When actually, well designed and thought through roof glazing can be included in your renovation to create additional light, space and wow-factor.

If you’re thinking of adding roof glazing to your property, have a look at our top tips below – or get in touch to speak to one of our expert team.

The choice is yours

When choosing your roof glazing, one of the first things to consider is the type of look you want to achieve. The understated elegance of an Aluminium Roof Lantern provides you with the option of a contemporary or classic design to fit with the overall style of your home. With the slimline, powder-coated aluminium frame available in 5 standard colours, you can create a roof lantern up to 6000mm x 4000mm.

large Exact aluminium roof lantern on a home Surrey

If you prefer a frameless lantern our Pure Glass Roof Lantern is for you. Unique in its design, this roof glazing adds a sleek and minimalist aesthetic to the external view of your home, as well as creating a frameless, unobstructed view from the inside.

The Pure Glass Flat Roof Light is a great solution if your roof glazing needs to be more understated and you’re not looking to affect the external view of your home. Made to your individual measurements, the edge-to-edge glazing sits within an aluminium frame – which is hidden during installation – creating a stunning uninterrupted view above.

pure glass flat roof light provides an uninterrupted view above and doesn't affect the external view of the home

Walk on by

Glazing can also transform a basement. Walk On Glass is designed to be fitted flush to internal or external flooring – creating an innovative way to allow natural light into an otherwise dark space.
Our Walk On Glass roof lights are made with high strength toughened, double-glazed glass and as standard we include self-cleaning and solar control properties.

walk on glass is a great way to flood a basement with light from above

Glazing over

Choosing the right glass specification is very important for your roof glazing. All of our roof glazing solutions feature toughened, double-glazed, solar control, self-cleaning glass as standard. We want to make sure your roof lantern has the very best thermal performance; therefore, all of our roof lanterns feature a thermally broken frame.

Size is everything

The style of roof glazing you choose will help you do define its size, as well as your plans for the rest of your extension. Our largest lantern is the classic aluminium lantern, which features elegant aluminium rafters to support multiple panes of glass, and is available up to 6000mm x 4000mm.

The Glass Lintel Pure Glass Flat Roof Light is a sleek minimal design and is the perfect solution if you are looking to achieve a large span of flat glazing. 

Each and every Exact roof light is made to your specific measurements in the UK, using the very best in materials and the highest quality engineering and manufacturing techniques. Because we manage your project from survey to installation, our dedicated team work tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new glazing.

Form and function

As well as being a way to add light to your space, roof glazing can also be added to enhance functionality and temperature control. The Pure Glass Opening Flat Roof Light can be manually or electrically opened to add flexibility in the glazing, to provide a solution for increased ventilation or even access to an external space. 

Which one is right for you?

It can feel a little daunting when you’re researching the myriad options available for your project. Our range of roof glazing is carefully curated to feature the very best design, quality and manufacturing – combining this with our highly skilled team means we can work with you to find the right glazing solution for your project.

Call us now on 01428 748255 or email to speak to our team and let us help you realise the vision for your home.




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