The ultimate kerb appeal with a Contemporary front door

10 September 2020

Internorm front door statement handle from Exact Architectural Glazing

You see your front door every day – sometimes several times a day, both from the inside and the outside as you come home. Whether you are looking to add some wow-factor and kerb appeal or are simply looking for a gorgeous new front door as part of your renovation, the expansive Contemporary entrance door range means you can design a door to your exact requirements.

Why choose a Contemporary front door?

Choosing a Contemporary entrance door allows you to work with us and design each and every element to your specification. Whether it’s the colour, hardware, glazing or entry system – you decide. Contemporary entrance doors combine exceptional design and engineering, with superior thermal and security performance, making them a much sought after option.

Bespoke front door design

The first design decision you’ll need to make is whether you would like your front door to feature a glass cut-out or you’d like a full leaf door. As the name suggests a door with a glass cut-out features glazed panels. As well as allowing additional light into your entrance hall, the glazed panels also become part of the unique design – whether you add a slim vertical panel, 5 small squares or a large central glazed cut-out.

A full leaf door is solid without any glazed panels; however, this doesn’t mean a full leaf door is any less of a design feature. Read on to find out how to customise your front door.

GLass cut-out Internorm front doors from Exact Architectural glazing

Contemporary door leaf designs with glass cut-out

Choosing the colour and finish of your front door

With your style of door chosen next, you need to consider the colour and finish you’d like to achieve. Gone are the days of limited colours and finishes! When you design your Contemporary front door, there is a vast choice of standard and customised colours to choose from – for the interior and exterior finish. If you’d like a striking green external front door and a more subtle grey interior, look no further -  you could even have metallic green décor!

As well as colour choice, the finish is also up to you. Would you like a stainless steel-look, high gloss black or perhaps one of the Art collection would suit your home – Art-Concrete, Art-Corten, Art-Steel or Art-Stone.

Art-finishes of Internorm front doors from Exact Architectural glazing

Contemporary decor options

We know – there is almost too much choice! When you visit our Liphook showroom, which is open by appointment only, you will be able to view our range of Contemporary doors and get up close with the range of colours and finishes. We’re not saying it will be an easy decision, but we’re here to help! 

Choosing the handles for your new front door

With your door, colour and finish chosen, it’s now time to consider the handles – over recent years statement bar handles have become popular to create a modern aesthetic. You may prefer a flush-fitted recessed handle or even a classic lever. Thinking about your home's exterior and interior design, your family members, and how you’d like to operate the door will all help you decide on the right handle.

Internorm front door with recessed handles from Exact Architectural Glazing

Contemporary full leaf door with recessed handle

Cutting-edge entry systems for your Contemporary front door

With a handle chosen, you may be looking to enhance your entry system and security with a cutting-edge solution.

A fingerprint scanner can be integrated into the door sash or fitted flush into the handle. Replacing a conventional key, to open the door by sliding your finger across the pad – you never have to worry about losing your key again. You can programme all of your family member’s fingerprints – and the system is so clever that it will even recognise your child’s fingerprints as they grow.

If a fingerprint scanner is a little too ‘James Bond’ for you, but you like the idea of a keyless entry, a keypad could be the answer. The understated keypad design fits unobtrusively onto the door sash or adjacent wall. You can choose to set a 4 – 10 digit code, with the ability to programme up to 99 codes – giving each family member a unique code that they can remember.

keypad and finger scanner entry for Internorm front door from Exact Architectural GLazing

Entrance door entry systems. Left; finger scanner. Right; e-key keypad

Final finishing touches for your front door

You may already be surprised at how much thought needs to go into your new front door – however, there are a couple of additional features you may want to consider too:


  • Designer base kick plate ‘Alunox’, for protection and / or design aesthetic

  • Alunox glass surround

  • Internal mirror panel

  • Groove millings

  • Side elements

Are you ready to work with us and design your new front door?

You may not have thought that your new front door needed such careful thought and planning, but like most things in life, the more research and planning you do – the more likely you are to achieve the right result.

There really is no substitute to visiting our showroom and seeing the Contemporary doors, trying them out – including the keypad entry and finger scanner, as well as seeing the colour and finishes in real life.

If your project is at the stage where you’re ready to design and order your new front door, get in touch today to speak to one of our Project Managers. Call 01428 748255, email or make an appointment to visit our showroom here.

Groove milling as see on the Internorm front door at Exact Architectural GLazing

Contemporary front door at Exact Showroom: Full leaf, Art-Steel finish with groove milling and bar handle




Get in touch today to discuss your next project with one of the Exact team and find out why working with us could be the solution for you.



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