Achieving a flush threshold for step-free access

24 March 2020

flush threshold with Glide S siding doors in Hampshire home

What is a flush threshold?

Achieving a flush threshold for your sliding doors is becoming increasingly popular. Not just from an attractive architectural design point-of-view, but also and perhaps more importantly to provide level, step-free access between your indoor and outdoor spaces. When you choose the right sliding door system, a flush threshold helps to bring together the indoor and outdoor areas to create a greater sense of light and space between the two.

flush threshold with Glide S sliding door in Hampshire home

How do you achieve a flush threshold?

Achieving a flush threshold doesn’t need to be costly or complicated. The addition of sliding doors to your home is likely to be part of a bigger project and whilst the choice of doors may not seem like a high priority decision, working with the right team for your glazing will make all the difference, ensuring you achieve your vision.

In order to achieve a flush threshold, there are 4 main things you need to consider for your project:

  • Concept and design: As you start to research and plan your project, incorporate your desire for a flush threshold from the beginning. Ensuring your architect and builder know exactly what you want to achieve will avoid potentially costly or complicated changes later in the project.

  • Choosing the right sliding door: Not all sliding door systems allow you to achieve a flush threshold. Research sliding door systems to find the system which ticks all your boxes from threshold, panel size, thermal performance and frame sight lines.

  • Confirm flooring types and levels: To achieve the flush threshold, your architect, builder and sliding door provider all need to know the full details of your flooring for the internal and external areas where the sliding doors will be installed. 

  • Choose a glazing expert: With so much choice and technical jargon, you may feel overwhelmed. Finding a reliable and professional team to work with you, your architect and builder will make for a simple and smooth process. Our end-to-end approach means that we work with you from enquiry, through to survey, installation and aftercare. One seamless team, working to achieve your glazing needs.

Which sliding doors are suitable for a flush threshold?

Our carefully curated range of sliding doors offers a wide variety of features including slim sight lines, opening automation, enhanced security and exceptional thermal performance. To achieve a flush threshold, you will want to look at Bespoke Composite Sliding Doors, Viiu Sliding Doors, Reynaers CP130 Sliding Doors and Glide S Sliding Doors. Each of these systems can achieve a flush threshold, whilst also offering you excellent overall glazing performance and style.


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Discover Reynaers CP130 Sliding Doors       Discover Glide S Sliding Doors 

Where can I see a flush threshold?

We have worked on many projects to incorporate a flush threshold into the sliding door installation. Two particularly inspiring case studies which may be helpful for your research are Herondale Avenue in Wandsworth, where our clients wanted to bring the garden into the home, blurring the lines of the indoor and outdoor spaces – and Upton Grey, a beautiful home in Hampshire where a flush threshold was integral to the project to provide step-free access between the internal and external entertaining areas. 

Flush threshold with Viiu sliding doors in Wandswoth home

Are you ready to get started?

With so much to consider, why not kick your project off with a chat with one of our Project Managers? As experts in glazing and with many years of experience within the building industry, they are perfectly placed to work with you and guide you through your project – and achieve your flush threshold vision.

We’d love to welcome you to our Liphook Showroom, which is open by appointment only, where you chat through your project and see our range of glazed doors.

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Our glazing experts have worked on many projects with architects, builders, interior designers and onsite teams to design and install the perfect glazing solution. Whether you’re looking for a flush threshold for your sliding doors – or your project incorporates additional glazing elements such as windows and roof glazing, working with Exact for all your glazing needs could be the answer.

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