Choosing lighting for your new roof glazing

12 June 2020

A home renovation is a commitment in terms of time and money, so you want to make sure you get it right – down to each and every last detail. Having chosen the style of roof glazing to achieve your vision, an important detail not to be overlooked is lighting.

Having spent many years helping our clients to achieve their dream glazing and vision for their home, we’ve built up quite the repertoire of inspiration to help you decide what will work for you. As with every step of your renovation, working with the right professionals will ensure you achieve the desired results, and lighting is no exception.

Versatile lighting with LEDs

LEDs are a popular lighting solution for roof glazing. As well as providing a wide variety of colours, excellent reliability and lighting modes – LEDs are also a highly energy efficient solution. For a ‘smart solution’ your LEDs can be controlled by a smartphone, remote control or your home hub such as Alexa or Siri.

LED lighting in Colchester roof lantern

Aluminium Roof Lantern featuring LEDs within the cornice detail of the upstand in Colchester.

aluminium roof lantern with LEDs

LEDs featured in the shadow gap at ceiling height for this Aluminium Roof Lantern in Sunningdale.

pure glass pyramid with lighting

Hampshire home’s Pure Glass Pyramid featuring LEDs in a shadow gap at ceiling height on the inside of the upstand.

Statement pendant lighting for your roof glazing

The understated elegance of the Aluminium Roof Lantern lends itself to statement lighting in the form of pendant lights or chandeliers. Based on the size of your roof lantern, you can feature multiple pendant lights to span the lantern and add easily controllable lighting for your new space.

If you've chosen a pendant light for your lantern, it needs to be planned with the glazing - during installation the appropriate holes are drilled and wires fed through to allow for fitting of the pendant once the glazing is in situ, which isn't possible once the roof lantern has been installed.

To help you choose the light fitting, your Project Manager will be able to tell you how wide the profile is, so that you can choose the perfect shape and size for your pendant.

aluminium roof lantern with pendant ight

This stunning chandelier from @rvastley takes centre stage in this Aluminium Roof Lantern in Petersfield.

roof lantern lighting

3 beautiful pendants create an elegant lighting option in this Wokingham home

Spotlight on spotlights!

For a modern and understated lighting solution, why not choose to feature spotlights within the ceiling surround – and complement these with wall lights and lamps to zone your living space.

spotlights surround roof lantern in hampshire home

A dozen spotlights surround the contemporary Pure Glass Roof Lantern in this beautiful Hampshire home.

soft white spotlights to highlight roof glazing

Available in various hues to perfectly illuminate your space, this Aluminium Roof Lantern features a halo of soft white spotlights.

Don’t forget the external lighting!

Whilst this one isn’t strictly lighting for roof glazing; we couldn’t resist adding this recent project in. To complement the LEDs on the interior cornicing around the Aluminium Roof Lantern, our clients in Colchester added this elegant lighting detail into the aluminium soffits above the new Reynaers CP130 Sliding Doors.

external lighting to showcase Reynaers CP130 sliding doors in Colchester

If you’re researching the perfect roof glazing and lighting for your project, speak to one of our Project Managers on 01428 748255, and find out more about how Exact can work with you to make your vision a reality.

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