Meticulous planning leads to a smooth installation

11 March 2021

Sliding door with glass return configuration in Farnham project by Exact Architectural Glazing

Considered project kick-off

Most of our projects start with an Initial Project Consultation. Finding the right supplier to work with for your project will make all the difference; not only to achieving the desired end result but also to the ease and progress of the project.

During your consultation, we take the time to listen and fully understand the needs of your project, to ensure that we can provide you with the right glazing solutions. You also have the opportunity to ask us all of your questions to make sure we are the right fit for you and your team.

Working in partnership

Between your Initial Project Consultation and installation, there are several steps for us to work through together which include:

  • Initial Project Consultation
  • Project proposal
  • Order acceptance
  • Site survey
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Project sign off

Working with us for your complete glazing package means a straightforward, end-to-end project management approach. As well as streamlining your time, it also means you can be sure that each of your glazing systems will work seamlessly together to achieve the overall design aesthetic.

Meticulous planning to achieve smooth Installation

Working together from the early stages of a project allows us to meticulously plan each step of your project and achieve a smooth installation. This is particularly key when it comes to scheduling and planning with your on-site teams for the different glazing elements, which may involve multiple installation dates to fit with the project schedule.

On-site installations in progress

The installation of glazing usually takes place towards the end of the project with a significant amount of work still required by the on-site team to achieve. It’s not always possible to revisit and photograph the fully completed and furnished home, however, even in these installation day photographs of recent projects, it’s clear to see the glazing transformations.

Combining bifold and French doors

In our recent project in Petworth, West Sussex, our clients chose a glazing package comprising: 4090 x 2065mm bifold doors, 1800 x 2065mm French doors, 2200 x 2035mm contemporary aluminium roof lantern and 2 windows.

The bifold and French doors are featured within the same room of the new extension, so it was important that the design and sightlines are consistent to achieve the overall look. Our clients chose bifold doors, which gives them the opportunity to completely open up the view over the gardens.

bifold doors installed by Exact Architectural Glazing

French doors installed by Exact Architectural Glazing

The bifold door configuration in this project is a split stack, which means the doors are split, with one door opening and acting as the traffic door on the left and the other 3 panes folding back to the right.

bifold door configuration in Petworth project by Exact Architectural glazing

Sliding doors would also work very well in this location; the decision to feature bifold or sliding doors is a very personal one, as well as being influenced by the external space required for stacking the bifold doors when open. There’s no denying that opening up the bifold doors provides a fantastic indoor-outdoor flow, however, some clients choose sliding doors to achieve a more visually appealing sightline with less frame. It’s a difficult decision!

The image below demonstrates how the view changes with the use of bifold or sliding doors.

Bifold doors in Petworth project by Exact Sliding door configuration alternative option by Exact

If your project features glazed doors and you are unsure which system would be the best fit for your project, read our article for more information.

Combining sliding doors with fixed windows

We love the space that has been created in this home by combining a set of sliding doors, with fixed glazed returns – or windows. No doubt a lovely sunny spot to enjoy. With two glazing systems side by side, it is imperative that the systems work together in both a functional and aesthetic way.

sliding door and glazed return combination by Exact Architectural Glazing

To achieve a professional finish between brick and frame, we use Hannoband 3E expanding foam tape, which is a weathertight seal, vapour membrane and insulation tape all in one. The tape expands to form a precise seal, filling every groove, nook and void.

Combining sliding doors and glazed returns to achieve a beautiful new extension by Exact

Glazed gable window in Bramley

We worked with long-term partner Waverley Construction on their project in Bramley, near Guildford, to design and install a bespoke aluminium glazed gable window. The 2803 x 1773mm window features a dual-colour frame to perfectly match the décor and existing home: Pebble Grey RAL7032 internal and Graphite Grey RAL7024 external. 

Having visited our Liphook showroom and tried out our sliding door systems, we will be going back on site shortly to install a set of 3750 x 2450mm Internorm sliding doors.

glazed gable window in Bramley by Exact Architectural glazing

Work with Exact on your next project

Working with Exact on your next project could be the answer if you’re looking for a professional end-to-end glazing solution. To find out more about how we work, read our recent article.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, book your Initial Project Consultation and let’s find out how we can work together to achieve your vision.

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