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11 November 2020

pure glass flat roof light on pitched roof by exact architectural glazing

As roof glazing experts, we’re always asked lots of questions about what can be achieved on different type of roofs, with a pitched roof being top of the list!

The great news is that roof glazing isn’t just for a flat roof. Read on to find out how you can incorporate architectural glazing into your pitched roof as part of your extension or renovation.

Each glazing system has its own unique features, so once you’ve done your research, speak to one of our Project Managers to discuss your project, or make an appointment to visit our Liphook showroom.

Pure Glass Flat Roof Light

It would be easy to think that the Pure Glass Flat Roof Light can only be installed on a flat roof. The great news is that if the pitch of your roof is 45o or less, this could be the solution for you!

The Pure Glass Flat Roof Light creates a frameless, edge-to-edge glazing feature for your roof. In our Weybridge project, a large, single-pane 2540mm x 1260mm flat roof light is featured on a pitched roof on the front of the house. The position of the roof light creates a focal point within the entrance hall and draws the eye up to the uninterrupted views of the sky above.

pure glass flat roof light on pitched roof by Exact Architectural Glazing

There are four range styles within the Pure Glass Flat Roof Light range; Single Pane, Modular Silicone Join, Modular Glass Lintel and Modular Aluminium Beam.

Our Project Managers will be able to advise you on the best style of flat roof light to suit your vision and project.

Discover more about the Pure Glass Flat Roof Light

Pure Glass Opening Flat Roof Light

Based on the same minimal design as the Pure Glass Flat Roof Light, the Opening Flat Roof Light is the perfect solution if you would like to incorporate ventilation and temperature control into your roof glazing solution.


pure glass flat roof light opening

In our Henley-on-Thames project, the new extension features a Pure Glass Opening Roof Light positioned over the staircase. Recommended for a pitched roof up to 30o, with its frameless-edge-to-edge glazing, it’s a subtle and elegant addition to the pitch of the roof. An Opening Flat Roof Light can also be chosen if you require access as a maintenance hatch.

The opening functionality can be electric or manual, offering you the ability to add versatile access, temperature control and ventilation throughout your home. For multiple opening roof lights, as seen in this project, we recommend an electric opening to provide the best ongoing ease of use.

Discover more about the Pure Glass Opening Roof Light

Pure Glass Bespoke Glazing

As the name suggests, our Pure Glass Bespoke Glazing range provides you with a unique glazing solution for your project; no two projects or solutions are the same.

With the bespoke nature of this range, you may not see a project which has the exact glazing configuration you are looking for. Our team of highly experienced, architectural glazing specialists will work with you, your architect and builder to design a roof glazing solution that exceeds your vision.

Featured within our Pure Glass Bespoke Glazing range and providing glazing solutions for a pitched roof, are the Pure Glass Eaves and the Pure Glass Ridge Light.

Pure Glass Eaves, sometimes referred to as ‘up & over glazing’ or ‘glazed links’ are a beautiful fixed glazing solution, which connects overhead and vertical glazing with a near-invisible structural silicone join. No visible frame, no external capping – just stunning edge-to-edge glazing in the size, angle and configuration to meet your needs.

pure glass eaves by exact architectural glazing


Our New Malden project is a fantastic example of the Pure Glass Ridge Light. Rather than a glazing feature within the roof, a ridge light is a fixed glazed feature installed into the apex of the pitched roof. As you would expect from the Pure Glass range, the Ridge Light is frameless and features either a silicone or glass lintel join. A Pure Glass Ridge Light creates dual glazing across the apex to create a stunning focal point and barely-there roof for your home.


pure glass ridge light in new malden project by Exact Architectural GLazing

Discover more about Pure Glass Bespoke Glazing 

Working with Exact for your architectural glazing

No two projects are ever the same and we love the challenge of designing architectural glazing to suit each project – having spent many years providing high-quality, bespoke glazing, we’re confident we can find the perfect roof glazing for you.

Our Liphook showroom, which is open by appointment only, is the perfect place to discuss your project with one of our Project Managers. Our end-to-end approach sets us apart and means that you have a dedicated team during your project from enquiry, survey and logistics through to installation and aftercare.

We can solve all of your glazing needs from roof glazing, windows, entrance doors, glazed doors and bespoke glazing – saving you valuable time by working with one specialist glazing company for all of your needs.

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