Floor to ceiling sliding door inspiration in Surrey

Hindhead, Surrey

10 September 2021

bi-parting sliding doors with single door glazed return in Hindhead Surrey

Our clients in Hindhead, discovered the Pure Glass Roof Lantern several years ago – and knew it had to feature in their ground floor extension plans. Spending time researching and planning your extension, renovation or build is an absolute must to ensure you achieve your vision.

Working with a specialist architectural partner, who can specify and install the complete glazing package for your project is key to the smooth-running success of the project.

Floor to ceiling sliding doors

The kitchen-living extension for this family home in Surrey, opens onto a lovely outdoor entertaining area and gardens, so our clients wanted to maximise their year round view and ease of access. In choosing the CP130 Lift & slide door system, they were able to achieve a span of over 7metres with 4 panes, minimising sight lines and choosing a bi-parting configuration – with two central sliding panes and a fixed pane on either side.

bi-parting sliding doors by Exact

To bring as much of the outdoors into the home, the sliding doors are floor to ceiling height and appear to glide within the floor and ceiling. Agreeing the threshold for all the glazing throughout the home is critical as part of the planning and specification process. Find out more about thresholds in our article. Working with Exact means you have one expert point of contact to speak to throughout the project from enquiry through to survey, logistics and aftercare.

Before Hindhead ground floor extension After Hindhead ground floor extension featuring bi-parting sliding doors

CP130 Sliding Doors

The CP130 Sliding Door system features industry-leading maximum sizes to create this stunning glazed installation; up to 2650mm wide and 2700mm high. As well as the bi-parting configuration featured within this project, the CP130 system can also be specified to create a ‘floating corner’ which opens up 2-sides of a room without the need for a fixed corner element. Our project in Colchester is a beautiful example of the floating corner configuration.

Discover the CP130 Sliding Door system

In addition to the CP130 sliding doors, our clients also chose to feature full height single doors on each return, rather than a more traditional brick return. Not only does this allow even more light to flood the new extension, it also provides a quick and simple alternative access option. As part of the project, we also supplied posts and cladding for each end of the sliding doors to complete the glazing solution.

Having spent many years in the industry, the Exact team have extensive knowledge and can work seamlessly with the whole project team to problem solve and provide solutions to ensure the glazing fits perfectly with the overall design and performance needs.

sliding doors with single glazed door returns

Bespoke glazing for the new kitchen

Having decided that a Pure Glass Roof Lantern would be the centrepiece of the extension, we worked with our clients to specify additional glazing to complement the overall style of the space and achieve a cohesive architectural style. 

Pure Glass Roof Lantern in Hindhead Surrey

A 3040mm x 500 mm Aluminium Window was installed within the kitchen at eye level to create an elegant, glazed installation to echo the high-level cupboards above and giving a framed view of the gardens to the side.

aluminium window in Hindhead kitchen window

Specifying your glazing

Most of our projects feature multiple glazing systems to achieve the complete glazing package. By starting each project with an Initial Project Consultation, we spend the time understanding the exact needs of the project to make sure we are the right glazing partner for you, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask us all your questions.

We are passionate about architectural glazing and working with you to achieve your project. Our Projects are a great source of inspiration to assist with your research; if you don’t see the configuration you're looking for, get in touch today and speak to one of the team about your specific requirements info@exactag.co.uk or call 01428 748255.




Partner with Exact to achieve the complete glazing package for your next residential project; one specialist supplier providing roof glazing systems, bifold and sliding doors, frameless systems and windows. 

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