Large-scale glazing

Colchester, Essex

27 March 2020

CP130 sliding doors created a floating corner in this Colchester detached home

Nestled on a leafy road in the historic Essex town of Colchester, our recent project is a real head turner – even if we do say so ourselves! As a glazing solution, Sliding Doors are continuing to grow in popularity. Whilst Bifold Doors have been the door of choice for many projects, the significant developments in design and quality make sliding doors a very attractive option.

Choosing between Bifold and Sliding Doors can be tricky, there's a lot to consider to make sure you choose the best system for your project. Find out which door system would be best for your project in our news article.

Why choose the Reynaers CP130 sliding door system?

For this project in Colchester, we worked with building contractor Neil Williams of The Works. Having successfully completed a prior project together, we were excited to be involved again with such a high-quality partner.

The plans for the rear extension for this detached property called for something extra special. Large expanses of glazing were a must to not only maximise the new lounge and dining area but also to connect the landscaped garden and entertaining spaces.

The unique engineering and design of the Reynaers CP130 sliding door system allows you to design and configure a sliding door system to meet the exact requirements of your project – no matter how unique.

Cp130 sliding doors on rear extension

Features of the Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door system

  • Industry-leading maximum pane sizes, up to 2650mm wide and 2700mm high
  • Single, double or triple track configuration
  • Lift and slide mechanism for smooth, friction-free slide movement
  • Corner configuration – open up 2-sides of a room without a fixed corner element

Discover the Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door

Corner configuration in Colchester

In discussion with the architect and building contractor, the Reynaers CP130 sliding door system was the obvious choice to create the lifestyle and space for this project. Along the back of the new rear extension, 3 panes spanning 6400mm were installed – with a further 2 panes spanning 4500mm to create the corner.

Sometimes called a ‘floating corner’ the real magic of the corner configuration which allows you to push back 2 walls in a room, is that there is no need for an intrusive or ugly fixed corner element.

Working with a reliable, professional and experienced team of architects, builders and suppliers will ensure you achieve the exact high-quality finish for your project.

Exact CP130 sliding doors created a floating corner in this Colchester detached home Exact CP130 sliding doors created a floating corner in this Colchester detached home

Picture window perfection

Whilst the remaining wall of the rear extension doesn’t feature a glazed door, there’s still a real wow-factor. A contemporary large-scale, 3000mm wide aluminium picture window was chosen to add even more light and openness to the new space. Luckily our clients chose self-cleaning glass as part of their glazing specification so the maintenance will be minimal for them!

Aluminium fixed window for rear extension in Colchester

The slim sight-lines of the Reynaers CP130 perfectly complement the Aluminium Window. This picture window is fixed, meaning its function isn’t to provide ventilation but to add natural light. Our aluminium windows are available in different configurations to fit the needs of varying projects; top hung, side hung, bottom hung, fixed light, multi-light, French casement.

Your architect, builder and our Project Managers will be able to advise you on the best configuration to choose for your project.

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Aluminium Lantern crowning glory

Having maximised the light and opened up the rear extension with the corner sliding doors and a picture window, there was one more crucial element for the finishing touch. A 6000mm x 2100mm Classic Aluminium Roof Lantern, almost spanning the whole width of the new living and dining area.

6000mm long Aluminium roof lantern in Colchester home

The elegant design of the Aluminium Roof Lantern features multiple panes which allows you to have a lantern up to 6000mm x 4000mm. If you’re looking for a more minimal look to your roof glazing, you might like to have a look at the Pure Glass Roof Lantern. With its ultra-modern, frameless design it’s just as at home on a modern or traditional property.

Discover the Pure Glass Roof Lantern

Bespoke glazing specification

The multiple-pane design of the Classic Aluminium Roof Lantern means you can add openers or vents to your lantern. As the name suggests, an opener is a panel within the lantern which you can open for ventilation. Our clients chose to add two openers – and to have these electronically controlled.

Aluminium Roof Lantern with 2 automatic opening vents

In England, the unpredictable weather is always a consideration when it comes to any type of opening glazing – so to keep life simple and avoid any issues, the lantern was also fitted with a rain sensor. Should an unexpected shower arrive, the sensor will trigger and close the vent.

Discover the Aluminium Roof Lantern

Expertise from the Exact team

At Exact, we work with you from start to finish of your project. Adding our experience and knowledge to your project team to ensure you achieve the vision for your renovation. From concept to installation and aftercare, our team is on hand to guide you through and make your project stress-free.

Our team of glass handlers have years of experience. Safely installing large-scale glazing requires expertise, the right equipment, planning and teamwork with the wider onsite team – which is all part of the professional end-to-end service we provide.

Have a project in mind?

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Project Details:

Glazing solution: Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door

Size: 6400mm x 2400mm and 4500mm x 2400mm

Frame: Black RAL9005M

Glass: Toughened, Active Neutral, Solar-Control, Self-Cleaning, Argon Filled

Glazing solution: Classic Aluminium Roof Lantern 

Size: 6000mm x 2100mm

Frame: Black RAL9005M

Glass: Toughened, Active Neutral, Solar-Control, Self-Cleaning, Argon Filled

Glazing solution: Exact Aluminium Window

Size: 3000mm x 2400mm

Frame: Black RAL9005M

Glass: Toughened, Active Neutral, Solar-Control, Self-Cleaning, Argon Filled




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