Modular Pure Glass Roof Light

East Horsley, Surrey

5 August 2019

fd85 bifold in East Horsley home renovation

Our clients in East Horsley had a vision for their new home, which involved a lot of research and planning as they undertook significant works. To create their new home, they chose to gut the property from top to toe, including updating electrics and plumbing, as well as adding a large rear extension to create a new open plan kitchen area.

Top to toe renovation

As our clients embarked on their renovation project, it was knowing that they were in it for the long haul. With such extensive works being carried out throughout the house, our clients relocated to a caravan in the garden, where they lived with a toddler and newborn baby for several months over the coldest months of the year - even spending a very chilly Christmas in the caravan.

Let there be light

As a project manager, Mrs Evans was very involved in the project and worked closely with the various suppliers to keep the project under control. In the search for roof glazing and bifold doors, she was recommended to Exact by their builder. The kitchen extension was being added to an existing lounge, so creating a bright, light and airy feel to the new extension and existing space was a key requirement. 

work in progress on the East Horsley kitchen extension

Working with Exact

Having done some research online, our clients visited our Liphook showroom to meet Silas and to get a closer look at the glazing for their project. With so much work being done to the house, our clients were keen to look at various options to ensure they achieved the best possible result.
We love being involved in the early stages of a build, renovation or glazing upgrade. It allows us to advise our clients on how to achieve the best possible glazing transformation, from finding the right style of glazing to working with the builder to ensure thresholds and finishes are exactly as planned.

Silas was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He knew all the detail which made us feel very comfortable working with Exact, said Mrs Evans.

spider crane on site at East Horlsey

FD85® Bifold Doors are the perfect choice

To create the light, bright and open space in the new kitchen, the extension features 2 sets of bifold doors on adjacent walls, allowing our clients to completely open up almost 6metres of wall space and enjoy the free flow access onto the garden and flood the room with fresh air and light.
At just 105mm, the FD85® bifold system has some of the slimmest sightlines available in a modern, minimalist design. The ever-popular anthracite grey frame colour complements the blue and grey interior palette while creating a perfectly framed view of the garden.
It can be a challenge to decide which type of glazed door is right for your home. There’s no doubt that bifold doors continue to be popular, however, advances in manufacturing and design over recent years have produced sliding doors to rival the bifold style.
If you’re trying to decide between bifold and sliding doors, visiting our showroom, which is open by appointment only, and talking to one of our project managers is well worth it. You’ll get to see both styles of door and try out the opening functionality, there’s really no substitute for getting up close with our glazing! For more information on how the bifold and sliding door systems compare, click here.

views onto the garden through 2 sets of FD85 bifold doors

Flexible access with bifold doors

One question we are often asked about the bifold door system is whether it will be annoying or cumbersome to have to open up the whole wall of glazing when you just want to pop the rubbish out or call the cat in at night. It certainly could be, however when you choose an odd number of panels for your bifold doors, 3 or 5 usually, the system features a traffic door. The traffic door then acts as a standard hinged door, allowing you to use this panel as a traditional hinged door for quick and easy access. 

external view of 2 sets of FD85 bifold doors

A Pure Glass Flat Roof Light to enhance the natural light from above

As well as the two sets of FD85® bifold doors, additional light was created in the kitchen by the addition of a large modular Pure Glass Flat Roof Light. With its minimal, sleek frame and aluminium beams, the Pure Glass Flat Roof Light creates a breath-taking centrepiece. Our clients matched the anthracite grey frame of the bifold doors for continuity between their glazing in the extension.  
Keeping roof glazing clean can be a real deal-breaker for some clients. However, as glazing experts, we always fit our roof glazing with self-cleaning glass. It may sound like the stuff of dreams, but it’s real! Find out more about self-cleaning glass here.
Our project managers will be able to talk to you about the full glazing specification for your project, from double or triple glazing to self-cleaning and toughened glass options.

3 pane aluminium pure glass flat roof light

Enjoying the new extension

Having spent many months in a caravan, our clients were thrilled to move back into their fully renovated home and enjoy the new kitchen extension.

We’re very happy with our bifolds and roof glazing. Exact were brilliant, they were so helpful, efficient and installed when promised. We’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for glazing, Mrs Evans shared

Project Details:

Glazing solution: 3 panel, aluminium beam, Pure Glass Flat Roof Light

Size: 4755mm x 1755mm

Frame colour: Anthracite Grey RAL7016M

Glass: Heatsoak toughened. SN7 solar control self-cleaning, argon

Glazing solution: FD85 Bifold Door, 2 sets

Size: 2800mm x 2100mm

Frame colour: Anthracite Grey RAL7016M

Glass: Double toughened, planithermOne. SwizzV. Argon

If you’re researching a project and are feeling inspired by this transformation, why not make an appointment to pop into our showroom and chat with one of our Project Managers? Our showroom is open 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, by appointment only, with Saturday appointments available by request. Click here to make an appointment or contact us on 01428 748255 to arrange a convenient time to pop in.




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