Pure Glass Bespoke glazing in Surrey

Weybridge, Surrey

19 May 2020

pure glass glazing in weybridge home

Working with building contractor Knightmaster and Concept 8 Architects, this lovely detached home in Weybridge was treated to a complete top-to-bottom refurbishment, which also included a new single storey rear extension.

Being part of the project team from the early stages means that we can really flex our architectural glazing muscles and integrate the very best glazing solutions into a project. From flush thresholds, frameless systems and floating corners to passivhaus compliance and bespoke design, our experienced team will work with you from enquiry, survey and logistics through to installation and aftercare.

Pure Glass Bespoke glazing

For the large rear extension, our client wanted to achieve large expanses of glazing via sliding doors as well as introduce a unique glazing feature to maximise the view and architectural design of the new space.

pure glass bespoke glass eaves

Glass eaves, also known as up & over glazing or glazed links are a beautiful way to incorporate additional fixed pane glazing into a space. Seamlessly, connecting an overhead glazed panel with a vertical panel creates a frameless internal feature and edge-to-edge glazing available in the shape, size and angle to suit your exact needs.

pure glass bespoke glass eaves external view

In this Surrey home, the glass eaves feature sits within the new extension, however this style of bespoke glazing can also be designed to connect two separate buildings – creating beautiful covered access and unique habitable and functional spaces.

pure glass bepsoke glass eaves internal view

With any glazing installation, the specification of glass is vital to ensure the long-term performance and success of the system. Your Project Manager will work with you and your team to understand your specific needs to incorporate the optimum glazing specification.

Achieving a floating corner with Reynaers CP130

The popularity of sliding doors continues to increase as people look to achieve uninterrupted views. It can be tough to decide between sliding or bifold doors – if you’re not sure which is the right system for your project, read our news story for some helpful advice.  

Our client on this project wanted to achieve a floating corner for part of their new rear extension which, thanks to superior engineering and design, is achievable with the Reynaers CP130 system.

CP130 Reynears sliding door with floating corner

Discover the Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door

Two sets of Reynaers CP130 Sliding Doors are featured within the new extension. One set to provide step-free access from the new kitchen-dining area and the second set, which features the floating corner. Spanning nearly 7metres across the back of the extension, the 3 sliding doors panes effortlessly blur the internal and external spaces and flood the new living area with natural light.

two sets of CP130 Reynears sliding doors on weybridge rear extension

Pure Glass Flat Roof Light

The front of the house was also treated to some new architectural glazing, in the form of a Pure Glass Flat Roof Light. Installed over the staircase, the large 2540mm x 1260mm single pane roof light adds a beautiful focal point to the entrance hall and creates an inspiring view of the sky above upon entering the property. The contemporary design of the Pure Glass Roof Light makes it equally at home within modern or traditional homes, with its frameless edge-to-edge glazing design.

pure glass flat roof light craned into place in Weybridge home

We were thrilled to receive this feedback from the project team and can't wait to go back to see the finished result of the refurbishment and share the photographs. 

The install looks great, well done to you and your team.  We will likely be forwarding you more enquiries in the future.

If you’re researching your next project, call us today and chat to one of our Project Managers to find out more about Exact and how we can help you to realise the glazing vision of your home. 

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Project Details:

Glazing solution: Exact CP130 Sliding Door - Floating Corner

Size: 6880mm x 2400mm and 3830mm x 2400mm

Frame: Anthracite Grey RAL7016M 

Glass: 8/6 Toughened, PlanithermOne, Warm Edge Spacer, Argon Filled

Glazing solution: Exact CP130 Sliding Door

Size: 3610mm x 2090mm 

Frame: Anthracite Grey RAL7016M 

Glass: 8/6 Toughened, PlanithermOne, Warm Edge Spacer, Argon Filled

Glazing solution: Exact Pure Glass Eaves Glazing

Size: 2855mm (vertical) x 3900mm (horizontal) x 800m (wide)

Frame: Anthracite Grey RAL7016M 

Glass: SN70, Solar Control, Self-Cleaning (ritec), Argon Filled

Glazing solution: Exact Pure Glass Flat Roof Light - Single Pane

Size: 2540mm x 1260mm

Frame: Anthracite Grey RAL7016M 

Glass: SN70, Solar Control, Self-Cleaning (ritec), Argon Filled





Partner with Exact to achieve the complete glazing package for your next residential project; one specialist supplier providing roof glazing systems, bifold and sliding doors, frameless systems and windows. 

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