Smart innovation for residential glazing

22 February 2021

Internorm entrance door featuring smart innovation fingerprint scanner.

What is smart innovation in glazing?

Smart innovation in glazing is the addition of features such as a finger scanner, keypad or sensors to allow you to fully control your windows and doors at the touch of a button.

Why incorporate smart innovation into your project?

Smart innovation in the home is no longer the purview of futuristic homes of movie stars; many homes already feature smart devices used to control lighting, appliances or heating.

When it comes to glazing, incorporating smart innovation allows you to increase security, remotely control windows and doors, enjoy the benefits of keyless entry and automatically open your lift & slide glazed doors.

Keyless entry to your home

Keyless entry systems for homes are increasing in popularity, following the benefits seen within the car industry. No longer do you need to pat your pockets or rummage through a bag to find your keys in the rain.

Fingerprint Scanner

  • A biometric fingerprint recognition scanner replaces the standard door key, achieving enhanced security with the electric latch and motorised locking system.

  • Working via a Bluetooth interface, the finger scanner is compatible with Apple and Android operating systems and can be programmed with up to 99 fingerprints. The scanner is so intelligent it learns with every scan and even recognises growth in children’s fingers and behaviour changes.

  • Safer than the traditional key, your fingerprint can never be lost or stolen – making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase their security and simplify access to the home for multiple occupants.


  • If a fingerprint scanner doesn’t feel like the right solution for your home, a keypad could be the solution. Available with an electric latch and / or motorised lock, the keypad is used to enter and leave the home, giving you peace of mind that your home is secure – without the worry of lost or replacement keys.

  • A unique 6-digit pin code can be created for each member of the household – plus, you can also generate unique one-off codes which can be given to guests or tradespeople to access your home once, without the need to provide a key.

  • A keypad is also a great solution for a communal entrance, providing each person with a unique code for additional security.

fingerprint scanner and keypade home automation entry systems fro entrance doors

SmartWindow app to control your blinds and ventilation

When you feature sensors across your composite windows, you can seamlessly integrate with the SmartWindow app to control the position of every window as well as any integrated blinds. With the touch of a button, open and close your windows and blinds, ventilating your home for when you return or closing windows based on the change in weather conditions.

These SmartWindow features can also be combined with existing home automation solutions so that you have an all-in-one solution to control lighting, heating and windows within one simple app.

Effortless automation for your lift & slide glazed doors

Rather than a static rail and small rollers as you would find on an inline door, with a lift & slide door such as the Bespoke Aluminium-Composite, the sash is lifted and hovers above the frame, giving you an effortless, smooth opening movement.

The choice of a lift & slide system is particularly important when specifying large-glazed panels for your sliding doors. With panels weighing up to 600kg, a lift & slide system will allow all family members to be able to easily open and close the doors.

For superior movement, you can integrate electrical opening/closing innovation into your lift & slide door system. For added security, you can also incorporate a fingerprint scanner or keypad for external access. The movement is near-silent and smooth, as the glazed doors glide on the precision-engineered wheels. At the push of a button, integrated into the frame, your sliding doors will open or close without the need to lift, move or even take a step.

Our Liphook showroom, which is open by appointment only, features the Bespoke Aluminium Composite lift & slide door system with the electrical opening. If you are considering this for your project, speak to one of the team to find out more or arrange a video call to see this system in action.

internorm lift & slide door system featuring electric operation for smooth home automation

Scope out your smart innovation needs during an Initial Project Consultation

If you’re considering smart innovation on your next project, it’s vital to scope this out in the early stages of planning. These innovations are integral to the choice of system and design, rather than a system to be retrofitted.

During your Initial Project Consultation, one of the team will spend time discussing and understanding your needs and vision, so that we can make sure we can provide you with the right design, products, service and innovation for your project.

Book your Initial Project Consultation today and find out why working with us could be the solution for you.

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