Crowning glory at New Malden

New Malden

15 October 2020

exterior of NEw Malden project by Exact Architectural Glazing featuring 9 glazing elements

Earlier this year we completed on a rear extension project in New Malden, where we incorporated 9 architectural glazing elements into the new L-shaped kitchen, dining and lounge area; 2 sets of sliding doors, 2 roof installations, 1 glazed gable and 4 windows. We were recently back on site to see how life with this gorgeous new extension was going and couldn’t resist taking some more photos.

Project Manager Silas shared his thoughts on this project:

Attention to detail at the point of survey pays dividends later. Choosing one company to provide the complete glazing package for this extension ensured everything was measured, meticulously planned and that installation was seamless on the day. There were many technical aspects on this project requiring our expertise – a flush threshold for the sliding door, the pitch of the ridge light, the angles for the gable glazing and making sure there was a neat finish for the windows and doors which have an exposed brick surround.

Combining architectural glazing

Many extensions and renovations feature more than one type of architectural glazing, so it’s important to do your research and work with suppliers who are experts. Our team have spent years honing their glazing skills, to ensure each and every project we do exceeds our client’s expectation. Whether you are looking for large glazed doors, a frameless roof light, gable glazing or a floating corner configuration – our specialist team are here to solve all your glazing dilemmas.

Unique glazing

As well as featuring 9 architectural glazing elements, this project is a beautiful example of two rather unique styles of glazing. Gable glazing and the ridge light.

Gable glazing can be achieved in a number of ways; as part of a complete glazed wall on one floor of your home, combining with glazed doors as seen in this project below, or even installing glazing from the ground floor to the roof. Instead of a traditional brick gable above their Glide S Sliding Doors, a bespoke gable glazing is featured to turn the rear extension into a giant picture frame, with views out to the garden and beyond.

gable glazing by Exact Architectural glazing

Adding to the unique glazing for the extension, the Pure Glass Ridge Light is the crowning glory of the new lounge area. A ridge light is a fixed glazed feature, which is installed into the apex of the pitched roof providing glazing on both returns and sitting within the original roofline. This ridge light also features an elegant glass lintel - for an extra wow! Alternatively, you could choose a silicone join - your Project Manager will be able to talk you through the options in detail and advise which is the best solution for your project.

Exact architectural glazing pure glass ridge light

The heart of the home

With a kitchen like this, it’s bound to be a popular place to gather, so it’s important to make sure the space not only works as a kitchen but also that it’s light and bright all year round. A 2500mm x 1500mm Pure Glass Roof Lantern spans the new kitchen, adding a contemporary frameless view of the skies above.

Pure Glass Lantern by Exact Architectural Glazing

From the kitchen, a high-level window doubles as an elegant display feature, as you flow into the dining area, where a set of Glide S Sliding Doors open out onto the patio and garden.

combining roof glazing, aluminium windows and sliding doors by Exact Architectural Glazing

A flush threshold with the Glide S Sliding Doors

We are hearing from more and more clients who would like to achieve a flush threshold with the installation of their new glazed doors. Why? As well as being visually and architecturally pleasing, a flush threshold is also very functional. Rather than needing to step out and down onto a lower outdoor area when you go outside, a flush threshold means that your indoor and outdoor flooring levels are exactly the same – no step, no trip, just a smooth threshold. It’s also the perfect way to ensure all members of your family and any guests have easy, step-free access to the garden.

flush threshold with Glide S sliding doors by Exact Architectural Glazing

If you’d like to incorporate a flush threshold into your project, speak to one of our Project Managers today to find out about how we can work with you and your team to achieve this. If you have a few minutes, you might also find this article helpful.

Aluminium Windows

As well as choosing the gable glazing and ridge light, our clients needed 4 windows for the extension. Don’t be fooled into thinking that windows don’t need some thought! Whether you’re looking for a frameless style, bespoke curved shape or a large 1500mm picture window, your windows should be carefully researched, planned and designed too.

aluminium windows by Exact Architectural Glazing

It’s all in the detail

We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations, so attention to detail is everything. To achieve a neat, sleek and complete seal between the sliding door frame and brick, we used Hannoband 3E. It’s an expanding tape that once applied, slowly fills every groove, nook and void to create a precise, weathertight seal.

Hannoband 3E used to create seamless finish on Glide S Sliding doors by Exact Architectural Glazing

For inspiration for your windows and how to create your perfect view of paradise, click here.

Great advice from our client   

Our client in New Malden shared his thoughts:

For anyone thinking about a home renovation, my advice is to start planning and researching early. The more time you spend on that part of the project, the more time and money you can save by working with the right suppliers, finding the right products and avoiding issues later on.

transofration in New Malden by Exact Architectural Glazing

Get in touch today

There’s no time like the present to get your renovation plans underway. Our Liphook showroom is open by appointment only, giving you the chance to get up close and try out our range of glazing for yourself. One of our Project Managers will be there to chat through your project and the glazing vision you’d like to achieve.

Call 01428 748255 or make an appointment here. If you have plans for your project, bring them along too!

Glazed glable, Glide S Sliding Doors, Aluminium Windows and PUre Glass Roof Lantern featured in New Malden project by Exact Architectural Glazing




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