Concept Eight Partnership

Weybridge, Surrey

4 December 2020

cp130 sliding doors by exact architectural glazing featured in Weybridge home

It’s always exciting to find like-minded partners to work with and our project in Weybridge was no exception. Surrey-based Concept Eight Architects specialise in residential architecture, creating unique homes across London and Southern England. Having seen their portfolio, we were thrilled to work with them to achieve the vision of the Glass Slot House.

A consistent, modern glazing aesthetic

As the name suggests, glazing was a critical part of the vision for the large-scale renovation and extension. A full-width rear extension was added to the back of the property, creating a new, large open plan kitchen, living and dining space. It was vital that each of the architectural glazing elements featured created a consistent, modern aesthetic. 

Chris, an Associate at Concept Eight explains:

Corner sliding doors were an integral part of the design for the extension. By featuring the floating corner, the stunning outdoor entertaining space is seamlessly linked to the open plan kitchen, living and dining space, creating zoned areas framed with stunning glazing.

Exact create a floating corner with CP130 sliding doors on this project in Weybridge with Concept8 architects Exact architectural glazing worked with Concept8 architects to achieve this beautiful floating corner rear extension

Effortless, smooth movement with CP130 sliding doors

The Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door system features industry-leading maximum pane sizes to achieve uninterrupted, panoramic views. As well as configuration options of single, double or triple track to achieve the desired opening system, the CP130 incorporates the lift & slide mechanism. Lift & slide refers to the way in which the sliding doors open. Rather than a static rail and small rollers, with a life & slide door, the sash is lifted and hovers above the frame, giving you an effortless, smooth opening movement.

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cp130 sliding doors with floating corner configuration

Connecting the home and garden with glazing

Each and every piece of glazing we install is manufactured to the exact needs of the project, however, some projects demand a completely bespoke solution.  

Sometimes known as up & over glazing or glazed links, Pure Glass Eaves is a style of fixed glazing which connects an overhead glazed panel with vertical glazing. To allow maximum light into the kitchen, an elegant frameless Pure Glass Eaves feature has pride of place and beautifully connects the gardens to the kitchen.

pure glass eaves installed in weybridge project by exact architectural glazing

Discover the Pure Glass Bespoke Glazing range

One expert partner for all of your architectural glazing needs

Our carefully curated range of architectural glazing includes roof lanterns and ridge lights, bifold, sliding and French doors, glass eaves and frameless installations. As specialists in bespoke glazing, working with Exact means one expert partner for all of your architectural glazing needs. 

Working with one supplier for the rear extension was important to ensure that we achieved consistency across the different glazing elements needed. Exact also did the impressive Pure Glass Roof Flat Light which was installed over the stunning new staircase flooding the entrance with natural light and sky views. Chris from Concept Eight.

pure glass flat roof light installed on pitched roof in Weybridge

Pitched roof glazing  

We’re often asked about roof glazing solutions for a pitched roof. There are several systems which provide different features and our Project Managers can work with you to find the right one for your project. 

With a breathtaking new entrance and staircase in the heart of the property, the addition of a 2540mm x 1260mm single pane Pure Glass Flat Roof Light within the pitched roof above, bathes the entrance in natural light.

pure glass flat roof light external view in Weybridge

If you’re researching roof glazing solutions for a pitched roof, you may find our recent article helpful.

Innovative glazing solutions

From enquiry, survey and logistics through to installation and aftercare, our end-to end, collaborative approach sets us apart and means that you have a dedicated team throughout your project.

If you’re researching your next project, spend some time looking at our case studies. Each project features bespoke glazing solutions to inspire you and help you to decide on the vision for your home. You may not find the exact unique configuration, however, working with your architect and builder, we can design, manufacture and install the bespoke glazing feature you need.

If you’d like to find out more about Exact and take the next step in your project, speak to one of our team today on 01428 748255.

external entertaining area framed by CP130 sliding doors in Weybridge




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