Rear extension transformation in Essex

Colchester, Essex

5 June 2020

Colchester rear extension featuringGlide S sliding Doors, Aluminium Roof Lanterns and Aluminium Windows

Our project in Creffield Road, Essex combined three elements of architectural glazing: a roof lantern, sliding doors and windows. As experts in glazing, we can work with you, your building contractor, architect and onsite team to provide you with all of the glazing elements you need for your project. We were pleased to work on this project with Neil Williams of The Works.

Not only can we supply you with roof lanterns, sliding doors and windows – our carefully curated range also includes bifold doors, French doors, roof lights and entrance doors. All of your bespoke glazing needs met by one professional, reliable team.

Our high-quality range is supported by years of expertise and our commitment to manage your project efficiently from beginning to end. When we receive your enquiry our Project Managers work with you (and your team if required) to find the best glazing solution for your project. At each stage of the project - enquiry, specification, project approval, site survey, installation and aftercare - our dedicated team will guide you and provide you with the knowledge and expertise to ensure the vision for your project is achieved on time and on budget.

Bespoke glazing for your project

For this rear kitchen-dining extension, our clients wanted to achieve a contemporary look and feel, maximising the natural light in the new space – whilst also featuring their favourite monochrome colour palette. Each of the glazing elements chosen for this project are available in bespoke RAL colours with dual-colour option, which means not only can your frames be matched to your internal colour scheme, you can also choose to complement or even contrast with the existing external glazing in your home. 

For the roof glazing, the Classic Aluminium Roof Lantern was chosen. Its sleek aluminium rafter bars and the ability to span up to 6000mm created a stunning centre piece for the room, flooding both the kitchen and dining areas with natural light.

Colchester rear extension featuringGlide S sliding Doors, Aluminium Roof Lanterns and Aluminium Windows

To provide the homeowners with optimum performance from such a large expanse of glazing, the glass specification included double glazing, solar-control and self-cleaning glass. Whilst self-cleaning glass might sound like the stuff of dreams – it’s real. Find out more in our news story.

If your vision is to achieve frameless roof glazing, a flat roof light or even walk on glass to incorporate natural light into a basement, you’ll find everything you need in our roof glazing range.

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Specialist glazing knowledge

The Exact team have spent years honing their specialist glazing knowledge and skills to ensure your project is stress-free and the glazing element of your project fits seamlessly into the renovation. Whilst it’s no mean feat to manoeuvre 3000m wide glazed panels on site, our installation team use specialist equipment to efficiently and safely get the job done. It can be nail-biting to watch, but we love seeing the spider crane in action!

Panoramic views with Glide S Sliding Doors

Whilst the bifold door system has been a very popular choice for glazed doors over recent years, we’re working on more and more projects featuring sliding doors. If you’d like to achieve an almost uninterrupted view, choosing sliding doors means more glass and less frame. Should your project require it, the Glide S sliding door system can achieve an impressive 6700mm span with only two panels, creating a truly magnificent panoramic view – as well as free-flowing wide access for all the family. 

Colchester rear extension featuring Glide S sliding Doors with a flush threshold for step free access

For the ultimate easy access through your sliding doors, a flush threshold does exactly what it sounds like – provides level, step-free access from inside out onto your entertaining space. No trips, no stubbed toes and gives family members and guests requiring disabled access complete independence.

To incorporate a flush threshold into your project, it’s vital that we work with your team from the beginning to ensure flooring, flooring height and finish is factored into the design and measurements. Find out more about achieving a flush threshold in our news article.

The Glide S system is also very versatile, allowing you to create the exact look, feel and access for your room. Choose from mono track, double track, triple track or pocket configuration to achieve your perfect sliding door. When choosing two panels for your sliding doors, many people are unaware that you can choose to have both as sliding panels – allowing you to choose which sash you open. You many find you naturally use one as the sash more often, but to have this flexibility for the future is a great option.

Discover the Glide S Sliding Door

Aluminium kitchen windows

Perfectly fitting in with the clean lines of the Aluminium Roof Lantern and Glide S Sliding Doors, sleek aluminium windows were installed for the kitchen area. Creating a feature, the 2925mm opening was designed with 4 panes, 2 of which open to bring in a breeze on those warm sunny days (sadly we can’t guarantee the sun!)

Colchester rear extension featuringGlide S sliding Doors, Aluminium Roof Lanterns and Aluminium Windows

Our range of windows includes bespoke aluminium, timber-aluminium, aluminium and aluminium-upvc. Each window system has its own unique features, so whether your project is a new build, a Victorian villa, a 1950’s build or a barn conversion, there’s a style to suit your needs. 

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Are you ready to get started on your glazing project?

Our case studies are a great source of inspiration and can help you to visualise how your home could look. We’re really proud of the work we do, and we hope it’s helpful for you as you plan and research your project. If you don’t see exactly the configuration that you’re looking for on our website, don’t worry. All of our glazing is bespoke, so whatever you’re looking for our Project Managers can work with you to achieve it.

If you’re at the stage where you’re ready to talk to one of our Project Managers about your plans, why not get in touch today? We’d love to chat to you and find out about your project.

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Colchester rear extension featuringGlide S sliding Doors, Aluminium Roof Lanterns and Aluminium Windows

Project Details:

Glazing solution: Classic Aluminium Roof Lantern

Size: 5290mm x 1800mm

Frame: Black RAL9005M

Glass: Toughened, Active Neutral, Solar-Control, Self-Cleaning, Argon Filled

Glazing solution: Glide S Sliding Door

Size: 6377mm x 2423mm, 2 panes - both sliding

Frame: Black RAL9005M

Glass: Toughened, Active Neutral, Solar-Control, Self-Cleaning, Argon Filled

Glazing solution: Aluminium Window

Size: 2925mm x 1220mm, 4 panes - 2 opening

Frame: Black RAL9005M

Glass: Toughened, Active Neutral, Solar-Control, Self-Cleaning, Argon Filled





Partner with Exact to achieve the complete glazing package for your next residential project; one specialist supplier providing roof glazing systems, bifold and sliding doors, frameless systems and windows. 

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