Specifying sliding doors to achieve the slimmest sightlines

11 November 2021

VIIU sliding door with 35mm sightline

With the quest to achieve minimal and ever slimmer sightlines, many architects are choosing to design sliding door systems into their residential projects as opposed to bifold doors. Find out more about our range of sliding doors and which one may be suitable to achieve the architectural vision of your project.

Sliding door systems

Sliding doors generally fit into one of two operating systems; inline or lift & slide. An inline sliding door sash sits on small rollers on a rail and can be moved to the desired position using the handle.

Rather than a rail and rollers, in a lift & slide door system, the sash is lifted by the turn of the handle and then hovers above the frame to slide in an effortless, smooth movement.

To achieve the lift & slide movement, the integrity of the glazing comes from the frame, whereas in an inline system, the glass provides the structural element. Due to this difference in engineering, inline sliding doors usually have a slimmer profile and sightline.

Our inline Sliding Doors

Pure Glass Sliding Door, 20mm sightline

Our slimmest sliding door is the Pure Glass Sliding Door. Not only does this system have the slimmest sightlines at only 20mm, but the appearance is almost frameless and can achieve a breath-taking panel size of up to 36m2 (with a 12m x 3m pane).

Whilst the outside frame width is 48mm, this system is designed to be incorporated into the fabric of the building, leaving the 20mm frame visible to match the interlock. To achieve the ultimate minimal look for your Pure Glass Sliding Door, you can specify a full-height invisible lock that is designed into the frame.

Pure Glass sliding door view from internal with 20mm sightlines

Find out more about the Pure Glass Sliding Door

VIIU Sliding Door, 35mm sightline

The VIIU Sliding door is also an inline system, with the sash moving on small rollers. With the VIIU system, it’s possible to achieve a 1% frame to 99% glass ratio, with the frame built into the building to achieve the most minimal look. As well as the slim sightlines, the VIIU system can be specified to achieve myriad configurations from standard 2-pane to bi-parting or open corner.

VIIU sliding door with 35m sightline

Find out more about the VIIU Sliding Door System

Our Lift & Slide Sliding Door range

Glide S Sliding Door, 47mm sightline

The Glide S Sliding Door system is our slimmest lift & slide system with a 47mm sightline for a 2-pane configuration. The combination of cutting-edge design and energy efficiency creates a stunning glazing solution. To achieve the glazing vision, the Glides S system can be specified with mono, double or triple track to create the exact look, feel and access required.

The Glide S system can also be configured with 3-panes to achieve a wider span, which creates a wider interlock.

Glides S 47mm sightline sliding door

Find out more about the Glide S Sliding Door system

Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door, 69mm sightline

With its highly engineered lift & slide operation, the Reynaers CP130 can achieve a 2-panel configuration up to 5.2m wide by 2.7m high, with a 69mm sightline. The Reynaers CP130 system is unique within the lift & slide range with the ability to be specified to achieve an open corner configuration, opening 2 sides of a room without the need for a fixed corner element.

For a wider span, 3-panes can be specified with a 98mm interlock consistent with the outside frame.

Reynaers corner sliding door configurtation

Find out more about the Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door

Aluminium Composite Sliding Door, 85mm

Whilst the sightline of the Aluminium Composite Sliding door is a little wider than the other lift & slide doors, at 85mm, the frame has a consistent width on all four sides to create a sleek feel. When a 2-pane configuration is specified, the fixed pane can be designed to look frameless to create a ‘picture frame’ effect for the sliding sash.

Aluminium composite sliding door

Find out more about the Aluminium Composite Sliding Door

Timber-Aluminium Sliding Door, 105mm

Whilst a 105mm sightline may seem wide when compared to our other sliding doors, it’s worth considering that this is still significantly slimmer than the interlock of a bifold door system. 

The Timber-Aluminium sliding door system has a maximum size of 6.5m x 2.8m and is available in a wide range of timber internal finishes to seamlessly blend with the overall architectural style.

Timber aluminium composite sliding door

Find out more about the Timber-Aluminium Sliding Door

Talk to our experts about your sliding door needs

Whilst the sightline of a sliding door is important, as with any architectural glazing, it’s just one of many elements to consider in achieving the right design, operation, look and feel for your budget.

We find the best way to start a project is by discussing your project during an Initial Project Consultation on the phone or at our Liphook Showroom, which is open by appointment only. During your appointment, we will listen – and ask lots of questions – to fully understand the project and glazing needs, and make sure we are the right partner for you.

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