Cranleigh new build

Cranleigh, Surrey

27 July 2021

VIIU sliding door specified in Cranleigh project by Exact

Our clients in Cranleigh, Surrey are building a high-spec new home and they wanted their glazing to match. Following an Initial Project Consultation to discuss the project, we specified a combination of high performance and minimalist glazing styles to achieve their vision.  

The complete glazing package from Exact

Our end-to-end project management approach sets us apart and provides you with a specialist, professional team managing your project from enquiry through to specification, installation, and aftercare. By specifying the complete glazing package with Exact, all the logistics are managed. You only have one point of contact when scheduling the glazing delivery and installing with other trades on site.

The complete glazing package for this new build includes:

  • Contemporary Entrance Door
  • 22 Aluminium Composite Windows
  • 5 Aluminium Composite French and Single Doors
  • Over 36metres of Pure Glass Ribbon Glazing
  • 3 VIIU Sliding Doors

What is High Performance glazing?

High performance glazing is thermally efficient, eco-friendly glazing and growing in popularity as architects, builders and homeowners aim to achieve the ultimate in comfort living. High performance glazing can help a build achieve:

  • Passivhaus or carbon-neutral rating
  • Optimum thermal performance
  • Impressive acoustic performance

If the project you’re planning requires high performance glazing, get in touch today to arrange an Initial Project Consultation to find out more.

Discover High Performance glazing

As a style of glazing, High Performance can be combined with Minimalist to achieve large expanses of panoramic glazing, without compromising on performance. In Cranleigh, the glazing package maximises the beautiful countryside views with minimal sightlines.

The Pure Glass range is the epitome of minimalist glazing and features roof lanterns, roof lights, sliding doors, vertical sliding windows, pivot doors and windows – the whole home can be specified with Pure Glass systems, with unique architectural features added with Pure Glass Bespoke, such as the Pure Glass Ribbon glazing in Cranleigh.

Ribbon glazing, also known as high-level glazing or clerestory windows, is a relatively unusual form of glazing. Positioned between the roofline and wall, it creates an uninterrupted strip – or ribbon – of glazing to surround a room or rooms. By its very nature, the bespoke glazing for your next project may not feature within our work as each build requires something unique. If you are planning to include bespoke architectural glazing installations within your next project, get in touch today to talk to our specialist team.    

bespoke ribbon glazing specified by Exact architectural glazing

Specifying a Contemporary Entrance Door

An entrance door is no longer just a functional part of the design and build of a home. A Contemporary Entrance Door combines exceptional design and engineering with superior thermal and security performance. Each element of the entrance can be tailored to achieve the project requirements from the panel and sidelights, colour, finish, hardware, glazing and entry system.

Smart innovation can also be incorporated into a Contemporary Entrance Door specification, with a choice of keyless entry systems:

  • Fingerprint scanner: Safer than a traditional key, the fingerprint scanner offers increased security and simplifies access to the home for multiple occupants. The intelligent biometric fingerprint scanner works via Bluetooth and can be programmed with up to 99 fingerprints.
  • Keypad: A unique 6-digit code can be created for each member of the household, as well as one-off codes for guests.

Discover the Contemporary Entrance Door

Contemporary entrance door specified by Exact for Ewhurst project

Specifying Aluminium Composite Windows

Aluminium Composite Windows can be featured within a project to achieve Passivhaus thermal performance as a high-performance glazing system. The combination of superior materials provides exceptional quality and weather tightness as well as sounds reduction up to 46dB.

To achieve the interior and exterior style for the whole project, the window system can be customised in a range of options including standard or bespoke internal and external colours, bespoke, metallic or timber foil external finishes and a wide range of handle options.

Find out more about Aluminium Composite Windows here

Combining door styles within a project

Many of our projects feature multiple glazed door styles to achieve the design and meet the different access needs throughout the home. With Exact specifying the complete glazing package, you know each system will work cohesively to achieve the overall design aesthetic.

Bifold doors, sliding doors, French doors, pivot doors, steel doors and vertical sliding doors all have their unique advantages and are specified to meet the different needs across a home. In this project, Aluminium Composite French and Single doors are featured along with 3 VIIU Sliding Doors. The slim sightlines and contemporary frame design effortlessly blend to achieve the minimal aesthetic and maximise the beautiful countryside views.

VIIU sliding doors specified for Ewhurst project by Exact Architectural Glazing

Talk to us about your project today

The exact configuration for your next project may not feature on our website due to its bespoke nature, however, our team of glazing specialists can work with you and the project team to specify the glazing package to meet your exact needs.

Get in touch today on 01428 748255 or contact us here, to get your project underway.





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